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hmm... some thing interesting....

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hmm... some thing interesting.... 
By sqladmin on Oct 04, 2001 10:41 AM
i am talking with some people that have an interesting kind of 3D art.  not digital, but involving 3D technologies.  

this is a piece of our conversation...

"...As an aside, we don't carry stock images, we always produce specific images for our customers where the customer retains the copyright. This way we don't compete with people producing mass images for retail. (I would also point out that our Chairman invented this technology for "****** **********" and we have a license to distribute. There are a number of companies infringing both the licence and the patent). But to get back to the point, we sometimes need good design skills and I note your multi-media skills. Maybe we could discuss some means of utilising your skills in the future. If you can successfully create faces in 3D using your design skills we could open up a market that has been predominantly 2D."

if any one is interested in helping me get a digital 3D image of any 'real life' individual please let me know, and i can refer you to this company.  i am interested in one kind of "Digital 3D conversion", after (with your help) i produce that image and they can successfully use this 3D image with their hardware then you can take it from their.  you and them can communicate directly.  

i can get what i need, and you could get a useful opp.  

i would appreciate any good info on this 3D production.
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