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Fear of modeling

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Fear of modeling 
By ericlwj on Aug 12, 2001 04:50 AM
Hi! I am a multimedia student and study 3DMax v.3
I have fear of modeling. Yes! thats right. I mean I love 3D animation alot and went I started leaning 3D Max. I see that, Its not easy. I can do the tutorials but when it comes to model a character that I have created by myself or to model something that is not in the tutorials, I am stuck. Everytime when I look at other peoples 3D animation, I always ask myself how they do it? Can they just do it in a few hours or less with out planing? Or they have to go do research for weeks or mouths on how to start building the character in 3D before they start animation?

Why I post this message is to know how all of you people start modeling? What goes on in your heards when you model something. (What you ask or tell yourself)I How you all could help me and also othes like me.

I World Like to thank all of the Animaters for creating all the great animation around the world.
Thank you all.
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Re: Fear of modeling 
By Koztah3d on Aug 23, 2001 06:24 PM
First of all, use surface tools
secondly, use references, drawings, sketches, pictures, etc.
Thirdly, expect your first high-poly character to take  *at least* 3-5 weeks if you want it to look decent, as you'll make quite a few mistakes. Maybe some really big ones.
Your first low-poly character should take a few days, tops- that is, if it's REAL low-poly, like 400-800 poly.
Oh, and a tip: don't use any plug-ins while l-earning, or you might end up being dependent on them, which is very, very non-good- as studios where you might not be using them, not even the freeware plugs.
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Re: Fear of modeling 
By Kheemo on Aug 25, 2001 07:14 AM
Draw , Draw and Draw,,, :)  Live Drawing really come handy.. draw your model from every possible angle.... in the bus ,at restaurant.. have a sketchbook with you. to be able to model a reallistic looking character you must understand human body from every angle. drawing classes really help me to understand 3d modeling.. you can scan your drawing (front view, side view,,) , put it on a plane and start from there..

try it its just a matter of time  

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Re: Fear of modeling 
By ambient-whisper on Aug 26, 2001 04:33 AM
use subdivisions.
and spend lots of time modelling. not only one object...but many objects.
first start by familliarising yourself with the software. then do doodles so that you get a good workflow...and learn what you should concentrate on..and what to leave out.

for max..get the meshtools.

or...you could get the actual application that the meshtools try to emulate..


the free demo is fully functional except you cant export.

pic by http://www.spiraloid.com ( visit his forum...its got great info on modelling there. )

have fun.

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Re: Fear of modeling 
By Vertex on Sep 21, 2001 01:16 PM

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Re: Fear of modeling 
By ambient-whisper on Sep 21, 2001 01:18 PM
i modified your message because even my cable connection took a while to load all those faces. i cant imagine what it would take for people with phone modems.

by the way. i can show you a lot more of those gif files...or videos if you want.
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