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spline help 
By Joe on Aug 12, 2001 04:55 PM
Hi. I hoped you all can help.
Ok, this is a silly question, but how do you welded two vertex together using EditSplines.
I created several lines, but can only weld the end together but not the middle vertexes.
I am using Max4 and also turned on snap3d and did not check "use Axis constraints"
Did i forgot to click some thing. I hoped this is a clear message.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: spline help 
By DavidZachar on Aug 19, 2001 03:46 AM
There are certain rules for welding in edit spline, like you say you can only weld ends together and not a 3rd vertic.
That's a rule, use "fuse" instead, if it's possible to weld then max will popup a message asking "weld coincidental vertics?", then if you want to weld, then weld, in all other cases use fuse,<it put's the vertics all at the same place(coordinates in space), but doesn't melt the vertics together.<and that's not nescessary for using the surface modifier.
So use "fuse".
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