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Microscope sections -> Nurbs???

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Microscope sections -> Nurbs??? 
By Orm on Jun 03, 2001 12:29 AM
OK, so i'm lazy!
But it would save a LOT of work for me if I could somehow automate the process of "vectorizing" the microscope sections I make and transform the result into a NURBS model.
Does anyone have any ideas?

What I do is that I make sections of my specimens and photograph them in a microscope.
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to do it this weekend. I'll just trace the contours and the structures I want and then "NURBify" them.
I imagine that this can be a very tedious task for the larger specimens (40 or 50 sections) and I would really appriciate any advice that makes this task easier!

//Mattias Ormestad
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