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A sphare with regulary holes in the surface?

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A sphare with regulary holes in the surface? 
By amgos on Mar 25, 2001 11:14 PM
Hello i am a bloddy beginner in 3d Studio!
How i can make a sphare with regulary holes in the surface? Over textures or Modelling?

Last modification: Markus Winsky - 03/26/01 at 01:14:12
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Re: A sphare with regulary holes in the surface? 
By Mike_Bendele on May 01, 2001 09:28 PM
Hate to see a newbie question get no response.

The quickest way is to make a square texture map with a white background and a black circle in the middle. (A B/W gradient ramp set to solid radial will work just as well)

Assign this map to the opacity channel of a material then assign the material to your object.

Add a UVmap modifier to your sphere and choose the "face map" option - test render and adjust to taste.

Another option ([color=lightpurple:6115d7fdc4]shown above[/color:6115d7fdc4]) is to do the holes with geometry. The holes on this sphere are evenly spaced, but the diameter of each hole has some slight variation.

To make this one I chose to use the Geosphere object because the triangles don't converge at the poles. I used an Icosa Geosphere with 2 segments.

Next I added a Meshsmooth modifier with 1 iteration and set the Meshsmooth type set to "classic". This gave me a reasonably smooth sphere with somewhat rounded regular shapes over the surface.

I then added an Editmesh modifier and went to sub-object poly mode and selected the inner 6-sided roundish shapes that were created over the surface in the prev step. "Ignore backfacing" and "shade selected faces" help with this.

I selected the "local" option under the Extrude in the Editmesh rollout and then extruded the selected faces toward the sphere center.

In the last step I added another Meshsmooth modifier with iterations set to 1, the "Smoothing Groups" box checked (under Surface Parameters), and the Meshsmooth type set to NURMS for the rounding quality that type produces.

- Create lights and texture to taste. Anyone have a plastic bat tutorial?

There are lots of ways to do most anything in Max. Hope this gives you some ideas to play with.

Best of luck

Last modification: Mike Bendele - 05/01/01 at 23:28:05
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