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By njt0001 on Aug 18, 2003 01:27 AM
The Lo-Key Multi-Renderer plugin is now available for Cinema 4D version 8.1(PC only).  This is a plugin that enables the user to render up to 10

different documents. The user will choose which camera and render setting will be used when each document is rendered.  It was created because I

wanted to avoid an annoyance with batch rendering. When you want to do batch rendering for a scene with multiple cameras and settings, you have

to make multiple copies of the document and each copy you save must have the specific camera and render setting you want rendered active.

*Render up to 10 documents
*Select any of the cameras or render settings in each document
*Type in the name of the document you want to render or browse for it with the PATH button
*Continue to work while rendering by minimizing the window
*Preview each document being rendered
-Preview window is set to 320x240
-Preview window indicates: how much the preview is zoomed, percent complete, size of what will be rendered, title (with most extensions) of what is  

 to be rendered, and time elapsed for the current render.
*Once each render is complete the console (Shift + F10) will display how long each file took to render.

To learn more about it go to http://lokeystudios.topcities.com/
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