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Best of - C4D Treff - Gallery,.........

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Best of - C4D Treff - Gallery,......... 
By Akira_Kale on Apr 13, 2002 03:12 AM

Peter Hoffmann "PeXel"
has update his Website and now
you can see "his" Best of  from the C4D - Treff  Gallery.

The C4D Treff Gallery has over 2.400 Render
Images (as today) Peter has now
selected the best 200. hundert Render images,....
and here you can see it,

One Click to the tumbnail and you
see the "Enlarge" Image and now
you can Click around this Enlarge
image to see the Copyright Infos
and the Name and Info from the 3D Artis,......

Gallery Page 1:

Gallery Page 2:

okey thats all for the moment ;-)

cu #

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