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By ephemerae on Apr 28, 2003 02:45 AM
i was just wondering if there are any tutorials online about speeding up maya's rendering times and/or about optimising your scenes?!
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Re: performance! 
By mooR on Apr 28, 2003 04:28 AM

 Rendering can be a very complex issue. There are several factors that might speed up or slow down rendering time. My personal workflow is to dig in and
optimise lightning, shadows and other various light-based elements. For example, a close up on a character face has to have very high detail so there is nothing much to optimise here. But when a character is far away from the camera it does not need so much detail. Guess now the two scenes do no need the same lightning setup.
The next important thing is to optimise surface detail.
Like in the previous example, elemenst far away from the camera do not need the same detail settings from those in the close up.
Memory can influence rendering time too. I personally use a scripting based rendering system.
This are just few simople examples and as you can see, rendering might become a very complex thing to do, depending on the situation.

Anyway, you shoud really check out some of the tutorials the guys at Gnomon did. Maybe that will help you.


(hope this helps)


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Re: performance! 
By ephemerae on Apr 29, 2003 02:46 AM
hey thanks!

although it's not so comprehensive as I wished... it's really a great ressource. especially that texture-resolution-determination tutorial was quite interesting!

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