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animation problem

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animation problem 
By venuvu on Jun 24, 2002 08:33 AM
hi everybody

here is my models pl check and comment


bye the way i have some problem with fish animation.

that iam  tring to use blendshapes to exprestions animation

before that i have added clusters {main object ) to lower lip and upper lip diffarently and parented tooth both sides with clusters when i'm animating blendshapes my tooth is not moving alog with lips ....pl tell me the way i'm trying to animate it is correct it or not .... and how can i animate fins well pl suggest me.


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Re: animation problem 
By mooR on Dec 29, 2002 07:53 AM
If i understand correctly, you are using blendshapes for the mouth movement (open/close?).and
with that you'd like to move the teeth section along ?
You could write an expression binded to the blendshape's value as input.
The other metod is to smooth bind the geometry to a bone-system. in the way a bone is used as a jar driver.
You have to paint weights of the cluster so that the jar-bone-driver influences just the jar part of the geometry.
You can use blendshapes in combination with this method too. Just pay attention at the deformer list,
so that the first deformer is the cluster, and the second is the blendshape.
hope this helps.
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