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how to do 
By venuvu on Jun 28, 2002 07:44 AM
i'm tring to do an animation something like this.
there is a stick which is tieuped with some cloth( something like flag) on a  place (island) where have arround full of water this is the evenig seen.

i did like this.

i have lofted flag surface and deleted history then made as softbody applied waits added springs.
added feilds air and turblence..... and animated.

but when flag collides with stick that flag should stik to stick till the feild force works in that direction but my flag is passing trough the stick obeject ... i was tried by making the stick as rigid body then it is not accepeing flag as active rigid body....
so please suggest me how can i control this flag when touches the stick.
and water is looks very ugly i have taken water map texture but i'm not getting the good look some thing how we get in max  with noise modifier  here how the water can be made and one more thing that
the place where water and ground touches there ground should be more wet look and gradually when goes up wet ness should less ... i was tried with layerd textures but i'm unable to get that look .

pl suggest me how to create this seen. using maya 4.0

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Re: how to do 
By mooR on Dec 16, 2002 02:10 AM
venu, as i understand, you'd like to create this flag, but your problem is that it does not collide with the stick as it should, but passes right trough ?
Dynamics| Particles > Make Collide.
Basicly what are you doing here is getting maya understand
that the softBodyes particle must collide with the geometry of the stick.

hope this hepls.
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Re: how to do 
By oh_what_a_night on Dec 19, 2002 03:56 AM
i agree with moor.And here is another suggestion.Use the cloth menu and make the flag a cloth.then make the stick a collision object and animate the flag as a cloth by adding the dynamics to the cloth etc.
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Re: how to do 
By mooR on Dec 27, 2002 02:38 PM
oh_what_a_night, i agree, thats a fantastic solutions.

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