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Jobs and workin .. any idea???

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Jobs and workin .. any idea??? 
By Kal on Oct 31, 2002 10:41 PM
Hi all

I am researching on work trends in the movie industry, limiting the research just to making digital sets and fx production.

The first part is the production designer who designs like an art director and takes care of the entire production and
the latter part is a digital artist who with a mixture of creative input manipulates the final fx production. I guess I got it

So I need a elaborate insight into it of how this part of the digtal set production and fx production work in the movie
industry. So with reference to that I have briefly charted down a list of queries.

1. Does every movie production company has a digital set production and vfx production unit?

2. Or these kinds of units work independently and are hired by the movie prdoction companies?

3. So however the unit is, whether it is part of the big production company or a seperate unit what is the basic hierarchy
of work line in there?

4. What I mean to say for instance in game production there are designers, programmers, testers and producers. In the same
way in design production and vfx what is the basic hierarchy of jobs?

5. How is the particular demand for these kind of jobs in the units?

6. Does anyone documented or researched on the insight of the present and future economy of these units ( i.e design production and vfx). I saw a salary survey for game industry giving an deep insight of what is actually happening with the people in there. Does movie industry has any documentation like this.

This is it. I know I have asked posted a lot of queries. If anyone could come up with just one answer or all of them that wud be gr8.


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Re: Jobs and workin .. any idea??? 
By AdamJsmith on Dec 12, 2013 09:52 AM
Specific questions for the trends in the movie industry. also, now I would like to know the exact method for creating a resume in movie industry.
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Re: Jobs and workin .. any idea??? 
By karin2014 on Apr 25, 2014 07:09 AM
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