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Does this shock

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Does this shock 
By Kal on Oct 04, 2002 09:57 AM
Hi Pals

This discussion forums are a real gr8 resource than i thought it wud be. Okay gettin back to my selfish research   ;D

Im just pondering about the culture shock architects wud get into when they enter the entertainment industry.

Is the culture so much different for Architects. Like as far as I know Architects might get a bit uncomfortable for the importance given more to art based designs than logical architectural designs.

Is there anything more to it. Any kinda important factors that an architect might need to adapt when he enters this entertainment media.

Does anyone experienced it already. Comments please.

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Re: Does this shock 
By daniloxl on Oct 15, 2002 03:34 PM
first thing that I think you'll have to get used to is that not everything needs to be 100% precise like on architects drawings..nature is never that precise and in entertainment  you'll always try to mimic some real worlds or imaginary but if you make 100% cube a little kid will see that it computermade (lifeless)..
magic is in makeing it alive and that means unperfect..
that's my comment
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