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Maya-Film Sets-Jobs 
By Kal on Sep 28, 2002 06:38 PM

I am student from Mississippi State University, School of Architecture. I am researching on job venues available for graduating Architects in the field of Arts/Entertainment/digital media.

At present my queries are

1. I found about Architects designing film sets. Do these kinda jobs exist still and if yes can Maya be used to design these sets.?

2. If I am an Architect and I am into my graduation what kind of specializations shall enhance my job oppurtunities in Art/Entertainment field related with digital media??

3. What are the current job oppurtinities available for Architects in this Digital media?

Please do post your suggestions. Even a small comment would be of great help to me. I would appreciate it.

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Re: Maya-Film Sets-Jobs 
By newtonboyy on Sep 29, 2002 11:29 PM

i'm starting to realize that most people looking for people to do work for them nowadays aren't looking for people that are software specific.  and the bad thing is that is a shame because a guy like me is spending a lot of money on an education that i probably could have given myself.  either way,  the more versatile you can make yourself with software, the better i think.  i know for a fact that many people are looking for strong architecture background.  Seems to me like you should check out DSE( digital set extension)   you can go to a site called matteworld.com i believe and see what i mean.  I don't really know about the jobs for  architecture especially concerning Maya.  Don't know if this helped at all but if nothing else you should check out the site stated earlier...  

happy hunting
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