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Living in Northern California

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Living in Northern California  
By juewang on Aug 20, 2014 03:49 AM
<p>Living in Northern California and having pretty mild weather all year round, my dogs definitely get their fill of the outdoors. Now I used to live out in the country with no one else around so it was reasonable to let my girls out and about as long as I kept an eye on them. Since then however, I have moved into suburbia. My yard is just big enough for exercise; however, it runs alongside a busy intersection so the days of letting the dogs run around freely with no enclosures were over. Then I had to delve into shopping for the best solution. Below are some of the outdoor enclosure options I looked into and which ones I thought were best.</p><p>
A fence is a great option as it keeps other animals out and provides a safe haven for your pooch. This becomes an even better choice if you can take a weekend off and enlist in some help to install it yourself. Even better, if you only plan to fence a small area of your yard (or just have a smaller lawn in general), this can help cut down the cost and installation time. While this enclosure does have some great perks and can be very useful for long term living, many pet owners choose other alternatives due to costs and length of installation time. Cheap NFL Jerseys </p><p>
A kennel is a perfect choice for pet owners who do not want to go with the fence option. It is not recommended to keep your dog in a kennel at all times as these enclosures are ideal for allowing your pet to have play time outside while being protected. One of the biggest appeals of the kennel is all of the variety you can have. You can choose the material, size and flooring in addition to adding accessories such as toppers, canvas drops, builtin feeding bowls and so much more. Wholesale NFL Jerseys </p><p>
A pen is the ideal selection for pet owners who want to provide a safe, contained area for their dog while they are outside with them. These enclosures are mobile, inexpensive and very easy to set up. When combined with supervision, pens can be a great pick to allow some outside time for your canine while providing maximum interaction with the owner.</p><p>
Ultimately, the type of enclosure you choose for your dog will be dependent on many things such as your pet's demeanor and size in addition to the budget, space and installation time you have available. My advice is to definitely do your research into what is the best option for you and your pet. In the end I chose an outdoor kennel for my two dogs and it was the perfect choice for them. The goal when selecting any type of outdoor enclosure is to provide a safe, comfortable area for your pet and give you, as the pet owner, solid peace of mind.</p>
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