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When someone is described as a 
By zouguo on Aug 19, 2014 02:49 AM
<p>When someone is described as a</p><p>
As with most idiomatic terms, there are probably a number of possible definitions. But, in general, a "player" is someone who is just playing with people emotions, and not really interested in a serious or lasting relationship.</p><p>
In addition, the term often implies that the player is doing this deliberately and without any regard for the other person feelings. Sometimes this is because the player is emotionally stunted and will do or say anything to get what he wants, being unable to comprehend how or why his actions might cause someone extreme heartache. Other times, the player knows exactly how much pain he causing, and takes a perverse pleasure in knowing he hurting someone.</p><p>
RJTRIES: Thank you for supplying that the term can be used for men or women. However, please note that I didn say it couldn be, I merely commented that I never heard it. And I still haven Thus your reason for rating my answer poorly seems pretty specious.</p><p>
The term "player" means someone who can get inside your head and manipulate your emotions whilst remaining detached from it themselves. For example, a man meets a woman in a bar and asks her out so she gives him her phone number. As promised he called her the next day, arranging to meet up with her. The meeting went well and he began to tell her how much he liked her, making her feel like the relationship was going somewhere. Quickly she finds that she has fallen head over heels for this man. Then he begins to not return her phone calls, so she decides (after chasing him for a while) reluctantly to ignore him back and thus end the relationship. However, a couple of days later he calls her and asks her out again. He apologises for not returning her calls, says he's been busy etc and she thinks, well, why not give him another chance? This game goes on repeating itself for a bit longer, the woman getting more and more hooked on the ups and downs of this fake relationship, until the player has had all the fun he wants out of this woman. Then she begins to get responses to her texts asking her to leave him alone and he doesn't want to see her. In a short space of time she has met a man she believed was nice, fallen for him, been rejected and picked up again countless times, and then been made to feel that a.) she is stupid for thinking the relationship was going somewhere and b.) that she has made an idiot out of herself chasing him to return her calls etc. http://www.officialbearsnflauthentic.com/authentic-david-fales-jersey.html </p><p>
This is just an example, it has happened to me in the past and it is a nightmare. You don't get over it because you can't get rid of that feeling that you have made a fool out of yourself. Players don't care how you feel, they only care about themselves and they are adept at twisting things around to reflect badly on you so that you seem in the wrong and are made to feel foolish. If friends or relatives tell you that a man is a player then steer well clear. Remember, no matter how charming he may seem to begin with, it is the games that will break you down in the end and you won't get up again in a hurry!!!</p><p>
thanks all for sharing. i just went through that with someone for 3 years. reminds me of the song he's hot and he's cold. that was him alright. he would talk to me daily, then he'd take me off FB, then pretends he is really busy, then you are right as soon as he felt i was close he'd pull another stunt. told me 3 weeks ago not to phone or email or text he found the women of his dreams. he is 50 she is 26 with 2 young children 4 and 2 and owns her own home and he has nothing. with what you wrote it all makes sense, he has been married 4x and has nothing to his name. sickening, they are scammers. i can laugh about it the first thing he said was that he was not after my money but my love he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. thank you for enlightening me. :)</p><p>
A player is someone who tells you what they think you want to hear. Of course us gals love it when a guys talks sweet to us. What they actually do is set you up so you fall in love with them and they make you believe they are in love with you too. Then they end the relationship and turn into a very ugly person. They tell you they intended to break your heart and now that they have, they want nothing to do with you.</p><p>
Yes, I have been through this and it is an awful feeling to know you have been played by someone you thought honestly loved you. The guy in my situation back in 1999, faked his own death in hopes of hurting me even more. I was devastated when I got an email saying he had died in a helicopter accident. Long story short, I busted him by doing my own investigating and figured out he had sent all the emails involving his "death" himself. I kept emailing him telling him I knew he was not dead and he was ignoring me until I put Private Investigator in the subject line of my email. He responded within minutes and was cold as ice and told me he never loved me and said a bunch of insulting stuff. This was nothing like the person I had fallen in love with. I'm glad I did not ever meet him in person. Who knows what a nut case like that might do. Authentic Wesley Johnson Jersey </p><p>
Sorry about another novel length post.</p><p>
yes i was played with for 3 years by one of those scum. He reminded me of the song He's hot and he's cold. One day he was amorous and the next it's as if he was short 1 sandwich for a full picnic. he's deleted me of FB and told me i must have. he'd speak with me daily then he would stop. kept saying how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Just confusing as hell. what he said and done never matched. he called himself a "Porn Star" when i last met him. the same procedure scammers use .</p><p>
the scum is 50 living with a 26 year old with 2 young kids 4 and 2 and she owns her own home. from what was described here he is after the loot and while he sc everything that moves. sick puppy. just sad for that young gal to be entangled with a scum like that. well she will find soon enough. he was married 4 times, had a good reason why he has nothing except the car he drives. it surely opened up my eyes on all of your answers. thank you so very much.</p>
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