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Improve the Output Rate of Drum Dryer

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Improve the Output Rate of Drum Dryer 
By dongfang on Aug 13, 2014 06:57 AM
As drying equipment, drum dryer is widely used in various fields. It has advantages of easy operation, low fuel consumption, clinker grinding ball mill and strong capacity resistance. According to our experts practical production test, we summary five ways to improve the output rate of drum dryer effectively.
The methods as following:
1. Raise the smoke temperature and the air current flow speed as much as possible to ensure the property of the drying material is not influenced and the equipment is in normal use.
2.To vertical milling for sale increase the quantity of material reasonably in the drum dryer. This can add the heating area of the material and improve the heat exchange to improve the production.
3. Decrease the moisture of the material in the drum dryer.
4. Enhance the management of the drum dryer equipment to raise the operation rate.
5.Decrease the lumpy material in the drum dryer.
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