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Kareem Martin Jerseysome of them  
By xiongying2014 on Aug 13, 2014 01:07 AM
From ancient times to modern day medicine Pink Kareem Martin Jersey , many people are discovering or rediscovering the terrific health benefits of essential oils. This is especially true as people are looking for earth-friendly ways to improve their health and the environment, and avoid potentially dangerous chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

What Is An Essential Oil?

Before we get into the history of essential oils, let’s be sure that we we understand what an essential oil is. An essential oil is the concerted, aromatic compounds of a plant. It is called “essential” simply because it holds the unique scent, or the essence, of the plant. Taken together, essential oils don’t have a certain chemical compound in common. Instead, they are put together as a group because they have a fragrance.

The History Of Essential Oils

For many years many cultures have discovered and used from essential oils.


The people of Egypt are well known for their projects in advancing culture and technology. From the wonderful architecture of the pyramids to the advances of mummification, the people of Egypt have made amazing breakthroughs. Egyptians were the very first to use aromatherapy and essential oils in their medicine and their religion – especially the embalming processes. Dating back to 3 Kareem Martin Cardinals Jersey ,500 BC, the people of Egypt utilized several different extraction techniques, including enfleurage (a method whereby plant matter is put across vegetable oil or an animal fat between plates) and distillation (a method whereby the plants are boiled and the steam takes out the essence of the plant).


Going back to 400 BC some of the wise Greeks and the fathers of many aspects of modern medicine used essential oils. Hippocrates knew about the importance of considering the mind, body, and spirit of his patients and was a firm believer in using both aromatherapy and also massage as a part of medical treatments.


The academics and academics in Roman history knew about the importance of good hygiene and how essential oils could help them live cleaner, and therefore healthier, lives.


When the Roman Empire disintegrated and the world was thrown into the Dark Ages, the cultures of the Middle East rose to power. Persian physicians are for the most part credited with improving the methods of distilling essential oils to extract the maximum benefits and yields from plants.

At the same time, monks – who were in many cases the equivalent of physicians for their communities – also used herbs and oils. Unfortunately Kareem Martin Jersey , some of them were also seen as people who worshiped the natural elements they utilized in healing. They were tried and even murdered for practicing witchcraft.

Essential Oils Today

Today modern science continues to show the positive uses of essential oils. For example, hospitals throughout Europe are studying the immune boosting properties of frankincense, and Weber State University has discovered in some studies that essential oils such as Oregano are superior to Penicillin in their ability to destroy microorganisms. If you need a safe, effective, and earth-friendly approach to better health, check out essential oils.

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