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learn about apple tv jailbreak apps 
By camillemcmichael on Aug 12, 2014 08:48 AM
Last week we remembered that Apple had flirtations with Volkswagen (Volkswagen or Apple) to launch a car called iCar. And now comes the news that the latest product brand apple (and last presented before the death of Steve Jobs), iPhone 4S, could change the way we relate to cars. Now it seems that BMW has seen that can take advantage of features on this smartphone. The story goes that the German manufacturer has hinted he would like to implement the technology of Siri, the personal assistant known by the voice of the new iPhone 4S, in their vehicles.

"Siri lets you interact with your iPhone using only your voice," said Scott Forstall, vice president of iOS. The system recognizes commands from the user, whether they are click for info transmitted directly or not. "I have to use an umbrella today?", To which the terminal responds: "Yes, you may go to rain." Also, Siri can help you find something online, set a reminder, and make an appointment, for example.

One of the more welcome features among Apple customers is the function of creating geo reminders: "Remind me to have to call Mary to get to work." The user can detail the system to write an email or a message to the desired contact, and find a phone number phonebook and locate anywhere. If any written notice is received, Siri is able to read if the user. Or ask you to follow the share prices. The possibilities to integrate this technology in a car are endless.
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