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creating a realistic candle flame

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creating a realistic candle flame 
By sunofthebeach on May 28, 2003 10:44 AM
hey guyz ,
 i am new 2 this forum , its really nice to be with guyz sharing a common passion.
 well guyz , i am makin a project in which i want to  create  a realistic looking flame of a candle which flicker s. i am a bit reluctant 2 use any plug ins .  :-[.
so guyz can u please help me out . it would be really helpful, n will  will help me a graet deal 8).
so plzz guyzz  tak a look at it .
tak care ya'll.
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Re: creating a realistic candle flame 
By serious on May 28, 2003 12:26 PM
hey brother

I dont see what we are suposed to look at is there somthing posted ?  Other wise there are tonnes of tutorials out  there just yahoo/google "3d+tutorials" and maybe add "+fire"  the best fire tutorial i have ever seen came from http://www.neilblevins.com/

expermintation has taken me far

9 years ago my way of doing a flame was to do a plannier object heirarchy it to the camera so it would turn to face it do a bunch of fire looking stuff in photoshop make an ifl and mix up the edit a bunch instance the opacity an difusion and set another ifl for the self ilumination together then play with it

be sure to turn shiney off

it sorta works

not as good as my new way which is based on based on neils way

any way render like the wind my friend render like the wind!


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Re: creating a realistic candle flame 
By sunofthebeach on May 30, 2003 10:31 AM
;D thanx dude .
its really nice , just what i wanted .
thanx again

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Re: creating a realistic candle flame 
By DatJongetje on Jun 22, 2003 08:04 AM
I'm sure you've done it already but I've been using a different means of making fire, without use of particle systems. Using fallof matirial en setting them to 'additive' I've been able to get some seriously realistic effects with this method.

Make a cone, about 200 units high, about 75 starting radius and 35 ending radius. Make sure there's about 20 height segments. Now do edit mesh>  select the top 20 vertexes and now do 'soft-selection'. After selecting the vertices add the noise modifier. You can move the gizmo to animate the fire and make it loopable, if nescesarry. Once animated add a standard material with > Opacity map = Fallof Material > Diffuse Map > something red/blueish or grey for smoke.

Once this flame looks ok, clone it 2 times and change the seed in the noise modifier... et.. voila! Superfast smoke or fire effects that look great too. :)

An example of smoke but fire effects can be made just as easilly, adjusting the fallof material and noise modifiers:

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Re: creating a realistic candle flame 
By silverstream on Jul 29, 2003 10:42 PM
These are different ways to create realist flame:
you can use particle systems + lenz flare effect,

particle systems +afterburn effect,
gizmo+fire effect ...
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Re: creating a realistic candle flame 
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