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Beginner of Rhino.  Need Pointers

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Beginner of Rhino.  Need Pointers 
By Rush5 on Mar 31, 2004 04:04 AM
I am a beginner of 3d art and I want to start learning.  I have rhino, and have unsuccessfully played very little with it.  I also have blender and haven't used it at all.  Could someone point me to a site that has a complete beginners tutorial for either or?
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start with rhino - stick to rhino 
By groonkyboy on Dec 07, 2004 05:52 PM
hey there - I've been using 3D software since SGI and Videotex in the early 80's and I think I know wherefrom I speak. So to a rank beginner I would say, first forget Blender for now. It's incredibly elegant but you will need about 40 hours of hands-on help sitting next to someone who knows it to be able to produce a ball with a color without going postal on your entire neighborhood!. Ok - I exaggerate for effect, hehe! But really, Blender was developed by sophisicated game designers FOR sophisticated game designers and has a very unique approach. Don't get me wrong - I love Blender - I bought the manual. It's the most beautiful manual I ever saw - pages of gold leaf, drop dead graphics, etc. And totally useless as a learning tool hehe.!

If you just want to start playing with 3D objects then just get down to business and fool around with Rhino. In no time at all you'll figure it out. Why? Becasue it was designed to work the way that designers work. It's inuitive and your knowledge base can start anywhere and go in any direction. Not so with Blender, 3DMax, Maya LightWave, etc.

Rhino rox! Go get em
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By thesuperph on Mar 31, 2005 01:03 AM
the rhino forum is sooo dead !!!
anyway for anyone needs starting tuts for rhino, this is the best place to start from :

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