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Domestic Sand Maker Will  
By kmei4545 on Aug 08, 2014 02:15 AM
In accordance to “National Highway Network Project (2013-2030)”, the Chinese government will bring a large number of local highways into the national network project, In 2030, the total scale of the national highway network will reach as long as 118,000 km and there will also be 18,000 km long run plan,sand making machine In accordance to some experts’ prediction, the total scale of all local highway networks will come nearly 200,000 km

We all know that the highway construction depends much on the supply of a large amount of good quality aggregated stone materials, Howeversand making machinethe natural stone materials have fallen short of demand, There are two kinds of aggregated materials used by the highway construction: rubbles and grit, The rubbles are the aggregate materials of concretes; materials with the general particle size of 2mm are called gravels and those with the particle size smaller than 2-0,0074mm will be called grit, The grit is known as the raw material for the cement morta sand making machine cement brown concrete, bituminous concrete and tar sand, The grit comes from the natural sand (mountain sand, river sand and sea sand) and the artificial sand (machine-made sand), The substantial quality artificial sand is getting more and more popular because of its little restriction by the nature conditions

Large efficient and energy saving sand making production line is the key source to the qualified sand and stone materials and the sand makers work as the core equipment in the production line, Experts say that the domestic sand makers will continue to develop very fast with great potential on the market in 5-10 years, The current national projects such as municipal engineering, dilapidated house transformation, west development and the rise of central China have all form a great power to drive the modern sand making industry to move forward at higher pace
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