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New Plug-ins for Rhinoceros v3

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New Plug-ins for Rhinoceros v3 
By rafaeldmt on May 05, 2003 04:24 PM
We have new  products released for Rhinoceros v3:

StylingTools v2 -  Perfect and powerful complement for design Class A Surfaces. With this new usefulness, 100% integrated in Rhinoceros v3, is possible to create by a professional way, surfaces from control points, reverse engineering from cloud points and sketching tools.

RhinoMold - Set of tools for analyze plastic pieces, design and development of injection mold and projects 2d creation, totally integrated in Rhinoceros v3.

SoleCreator v2 - Utility to scaling 3D soles according to different scaling types: continental-french, english-american or a personal one. Apply shrinkage to the whole series, automatic reports in MS Word and Excel, develop curves 2D in surfaces 3D according with its topology and Multibooleans differences.

Global Exchange v1.2 - for CAD/CAM file format conversions, by multi-file list selection and two clicks.

Iges2Rhino v1.1 - Import/Export multi-files from Rhino to Iges and Iges to Rhino easily and fast. Free!

WordCreator v2 - Create Microsoft Word Reports from Rhinoceros v3. Free!

To learn more about those products, please send a reply to this message or visit our web site at http://www.rhino3d-design.com.


Rafael del Molino
Product Manager
TDM Solutions SL
Teià – Barcelona – Spain
Phone: 0034 93 5553121

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