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some rhino puzzlers

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some rhino puzzlers 
By joesoap on May 24, 2002 05:50 AM
here's one for the pro's
what is the the best way to get your model from rhino
to 3d-max, formats etc.etc    :( .....if rhino integrated more with max how easy life would be :)

also for anyone with pro-engineer experience'whats the best way to get those bad boys into Max, i've been using stl but its a killer on file size if you want detailed
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Re: some rhino puzzlers 
By Teyon on Jun 06, 2002 06:22 PM
It depends on you really.  If you don't mind nurbs surfaces in Max, then save as an IGES file using the MAX3.0  exporter.  That will keep all your nurbs surfaces (though I think Max3 didn't support trimmed surfaces).  


You can go for the more classic, often overlooked, 3DS format.  It may mean your model won't have millions of polys but do you really want it too?  :)

I hope that helps.
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