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Efficiency of Circular Vibrating Screen

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Efficiency of Circular Vibrating Screen 
By dongfang on Jul 29, 2014 09:20 AM
Circular vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair and long service life, sand washer machine which is mainly used in building materials, electric power, metallurgy, mineral processing and chemical material industry. During the processing of the screen, its working efficiency will be affected by the properties of materials, and then SBM Machinery will show you more details:
The particle size smaller than 3/4 of the mesh is easy to sieve; larger than 3/4 is difficult to screen; particle size 1-1.5 times of the aperture size is coarse grain size. Therefore, a fine material screening contains a lot of levels, which can increase the assisted screening methods with larger auxiliary sieve to pre discharge the particles which are too coarse.
If the material contains water, it will have a certain viscosity, so that the fine mutual may bond into a group, crushing plant layout and it will be attached to the large particles to plug the mesh, which makes the screening process more difficult and greatly reduces the efficiency of the screen. So when screening this kind of materials, high amplitude screen should be chosen or set the cleaning sieve inside the equipment. For the bulk ores, self cleaning vibration sieve can be chosen.
If the particle is in circular shape, design of copper processing plant it is relatively easy to get through the square and circular holes. If the material contains the viscous elements, it is easy to agglomerate. Even in low moisture content, it will bond together to make fine mud mix with products on the screen. At the same time, the materials will quickly plug sieve. In this case, the prior consideration should be given to the pre wash of the ore.
SBM Machinery is specialized in the production of large and small mining equipment. We are the joint-stock enterprise to produce and sell screening, mine, metallurgy and building materials equipment. 'First-class products, top-quality service' is the purpose of our company from beginning to end since our establishment. In the production process, SBM Machinery has relevant scientific research units to closely cooperate with. With its sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, favorable quotation, fast product innovation and professional testing base, SBM Machinery is warmly approved by the customers from home and abroad.
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