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i'm a new learner.

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i'm a new learner. 
By wise_leaf on May 30, 2002 04:30 AM
i just start to learn 3d max for 1 week.and i found that the render and the model is so difficult to learn.please told me where should i begin with?some chinese desingner say that i can learn the part of it.and become expert on it.but i am very onterested in all the parts.where to start,told me ok?
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Re: i'm a new learner. 
By hanley_michael on Jun 11, 2002 05:57 AM
You may want to start the general basics like the following.

Rotating Objects
Moving Objects
Scale objects.

Hope this gets you started.  If you have any problems
just give a email.

Thanks Michael,

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Re: i'm a new learner. 
By Local_Boy on Jun 11, 2002 09:05 AM
Hows it going wise_leaf!
Hope your doing well with your studies.
your basic commands like move, rotate, and scale are very important, like michael suggested, but to push you along a little more:
MAX has a selection of Primitive Objects;
Box, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.
Practice drawing each one. and get to know each very well.
Play with your Modifiers, this is the second button from the left on your Command Panel.
for example...
Twist, Taper, FFD's, Melt, etc.
Again, Just practice one at a time, and get to know each one well.
This should get you rolling in MAX.

Basically, just take it slowly one object, one modifier at a time.

"rome wasn't built in one day."


just keep your progress posted
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Re: i'm a new learner. 
By wise_leaf on Jun 14, 2002 04:23 AM
oh! thank you very much.i've known the the three main buttons.but i'm not very fimiliar with the others.i think i need much more practising.and as i know 3DS need a lots of plugs-in.only the main software is very complicated for me to learn.to add so many others i don't  when i can have my own work.
    then i've posted one image.i don;t know how to render the glass cup.please help me.
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Re: i'm a new learner. 
By Local_Boy on Jun 14, 2002 09:13 AM
Hey Wise_Leaf,

I know you are new to 3d, and what I am about to say is very important for your growth as a 3d artist.

Remember your goal. If your goal is Realisim then you need to know what "real" is before you can simulate it.
What I'm trying to say is that If you want to do glass, study a real one.  Start noticing the world around you, how light bounces, bends, and reflects; how shadows form, how objects are shaped. etc.

This will  help you along the path of the 3d realm.

So on with the tips on your glass.
One thing-Glass and clear volumes on anything like water have an affect on light called refraction.
your cup doesn't have refraction.

Look at a cup, then look at how the world looks
through the cup, it's not going to look perfect, it's going to bend and warp.
In Max there is a Procedural Map called Reflect/Refract, add this to your reflection Map.

One thing that most people do, who are just starting, is add too much reflection. reflection is very subtle in most objects in the world.  So don't set your reflection map too high. Play around with it, and keep your eye on that real glass.

And one more tip on glass-Glass is almost purely transparent (clear) but not exactly. The opacity on your object should be very low.

The reflect/refract should give away the cups shape.

Play around with these types of settings.

Just start paying more attention to realisim realm, the more you pay attention to that the faster you will transfer in to the 3d realm.

Keep it up!

Keep your progress coming

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Re: i'm a new learner. 
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