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needs to sell the team 
By ramsauliu on Jul 09, 2014 08:07 AM
Dan Snyder Anthony Barr Authentic Jersey needs to sell the vikingsofficialonlineshop.com/Teddy_Bridgewater_Jersey_Vikings team

Field Goal Fest: Redskins lose 14 6I wasn all that far off. Outside of a safety in place of a field goal, the scoring went about as I had expected (I picked a 15 9 Chiefs win). Besides the 40% attendance and major booing and benching Jason Campbell, here are my thoughts on the game:Of course the day I call him Albert Haynesworthless, he decides to make a home in the backfield. He actually had an impact, and only limped off the field about seven times. The collapse on the sideline was a little melodramatic, I think.Justin Tryon is still awful.DeAngelo Hall wasn exactly good either.The rest of the defense really can be blamed too much up 12 points is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus entering the day, they were 4th overall in the league.The offense needs to be blown up. Literally. Save Chris Cooley.Jason Campbell benching was probably something that needed to happen, but it doesn make it feel any better.Todd Collins didn look any better after his first big throw to Santana Moss.Portis was gawdawful outside of that 79 yard run, and he also deserved to be benched. I loved how they said he had an ankle injury, and then showed him STANDING pissed off by himself on the sideline. Nice.I think Dan Snyder punished all the no shows by cutting vikingsofficialonlineshop.com/Anthony_Barr_Jersey_Vikings the wires for CBS and causing the difficulties. Wait I say punishment?I can say I mad about this, but I can get too worked up. It was expected. We now given FOUR teams their first victory of the season now. Vomit. Odds on Zorn getting fired on the bye week: 3 to 2Mr. Maroon and Black Himself. They have to do so without one of their best players, and last hope at a semblance of offensive line in Chris Samuels, and with questions swirling around ownership, coaching, and leadership within the organization. The team has seen the likes of Sonny, Sam, Joey T, and John Riggins completely trash everything about the organization in the last several weeks. Things are bad kids. Real bad.Looking at today, I know I can assure one thing: FedEx will NOT be filled by any means. Not only is Dan Snyder trotting a crappy product under crappy direction onto the field, but it supposed to be 46 degrees with a 90% chance of rain. Guess who gave his tickets away last night? I was shocked that I was able to find anyone to take them. So from the comfort of my couch under my still very loved VT blanket, here my crappy prediction on today ugg fest.To say the Redskins offensive line is patchwork is laughable. We see Stephon Heyer at left tackle (vomit) and Mike Williams (yeah, that dude) at right tackle. I pretty sure Will Montgomery getting the start too. Let hope he blocks better than his Hokie brethren. Considering that Kansas City has spent a considerable number of picks on their D line in recent years (from memory: Tyson Jackson, Dorsey and Tamba Hali?) aren without talent, and we probably see that today. Ugh. JC might be dead with 6:34 in the second quarter. He probably be happy to be put out of his misery.What egregious coaching error will we see today? Blown Vikings Teddy Bridgewater Jersey time out? Zorn saying that Brandon Flowers hits too hard and should be kicked out of the game for making a routine tackle? Benching Albert Haynesworthless? Oh wait the hell happened to Larry Johnson anyway? Wasn he Adrian Peterson before AD came around? Damn did he drop of the face of the earth. Look for him to crawl out from a rock today and rush for 300 yards.As you can tell, I none too happy right now. We have a weak defense, and a pathetic offense. Even superhero Chris Cooley has to stay in and block.
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