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discover jailbreaking iphone 4s

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discover jailbreaking iphone 4s 
By rolandocasey on Jul 06, 2014 05:45 AM

Young passionate world of technology, especially Apple, thoroughly knowledgeable of the 4th Generation iPod and iPhone, editor, good friend, capable, fun with my present, anxious about my future.The scene is kicking pending a solution to jailbreak iOS 7.1. Now iH8sn0w has confirmed that its iPhone 4S indeed jailbreak works with iOS 7.1. But hope, in this case, comes from the very bad news is that it seems that is not working on any versinpblica for this version of the jailbreak.

As we showed you last week, Winocm showed a video of how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 is possible. A reason of its publication, a huge avalanche of questions were directed to the responsible team p0sixpwn and its surroundings. Finally, iH8sn0w has had no more choice but to admit that his iPhone 4S jailbreak works with iOS 7.1. But for those who come here hoping to have a iH8sn0w has no intention of working on the jailbreak of iOS 7.1 for the version for your phone when it is best to have no illusions because, according the information on their work, no indication that the hacker is working on a version for users. In fact, iH8sn0w himself has said he has no intention of working on that topic for now.

ems, remember, that this jailbreak of iOS 7.1 is made for an iPhone 4S tambinvlido not imply that it is for other models. At least we know that s can jailbreak iPhone 4 and 4S. For now, according to the iH8sn0w has dedicated itself to iphone 4s jailbreak 7.1 rumors about a possible version. Probably do not have to put up with no more choice to enjoy iOS 7.1 jailbreak, but do not lose hope because SABIS and the secrecy surrounding this world.
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