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I feel like these arguments against having

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I feel like these arguments against having  
By earjerseyqq182 on Jul 05, 2014 07:28 AM
[+]mysticRight comment score below threshold (6 children)I live in the city and I have an excess of drinking water and never lost power. Life uptown is the same as it has always been. Everyone was back to their usual ways Tuesday morning. So should everyone in my situation feel bad and put their lives on hold until the rest of the city gets back to normal? So should the marathon too?

I feel like these arguments against having the race are converging to a single point, "you can have fun until the rest of us can too". Relief efforts seriously are not being stagnated because of this race. There is room for both.

Talk to someone who lives in Staten Island about what it like there. They haven has power for days they are cold and hungry. Hundreds have been displaced. You got storm victims unable to rent a room in SI hotels because fucking marathon runners have reservations. You got generators rolling into Central Park while thousands of people are without power. There are food, water and gas shortages on the island and the marathon will close off one of the main routes in and out of the island as well as several main bridges and roads in the city. If you don think this has an adverse effect on people who been hit the hardest you are fooling yourself. Dozens of my friends lost everything and are homeless, people with kids. You simply don know the level of massive destruction on Staten Island. It is not just one or two places like the news makes it out to be. It is miles and miles of shoreline washed out with hundreds of homes destroyed. I glad you have power but this comment simply strikes me as coming from someone with absolutely no idea of the level of destruction on Staten Island. I live uptown take people like us for instance. Most of us didn lose power, but because of where we are situated on the island and the transit situation which is marginally better it not possible for some or easy for some to leave the neighborhood, much less get to work, etc. I have no clue how I would get from where I live to Staten Island to help and back home. I actually looking for groups that are going out to volunteer. So, though I didn lose power, I still feel cut off from those who did lose power/homes/etc. by being situated where I am and still having transportation being a mess. I think a lot of people who may have personal resources might feel powerless to physically get somewhere to help others, though I don think they just don care.

Maybe I giving too much credit to people, but I don think it a "we don care." I think it a "we can barely get ourselves to the places we HAVE to be and have no idea what to do to help people." You could be completely right though I just haven Dri Archer Authentic Jersey observed apathy; I have observed wtf are we supposed to do?

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