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ray ban sunglasses sale with promo code for 
By jobs on Jul 05, 2014 02:44 AM
It took more than 18 months and several Microsoft minds to identify ray ban sunglasses sale , conjure and execute developments that would establish Surface as the planets most productive tablet ever. And the hard work just shows! Bold and beautiful, the new Surface is a beast of a machine. More Power to you, with Microsoft Surface 2 promo code! Surface 2 is the next generation of Surface RT tablets. Improved by several notches over its predecessor, Surface 2 features an extended battery life, a more powerful processor, a more thoughtful design, a better kickstand, improved display and camera resolutions, upgraded keypad-covers, free SkyDrive and Skype Minutes- and theres more! Whats more- with Microsoft promo code Surface 2, you can even get a roaring rebate on the price. So watch out for one and shop smart with promo code Surface 2. For those who are a tad too impatient and excited, pre-orders for the tablet are already happening through Microsoft Store online.

Surface 2 is just 8.9mm thick against Surface RT which measured 9.30mm, and is a tad lighter than it as well. It features an improved Magnesium finish, which lends it an appealing color, so your upgraded Surface is every way a beautiful piece of technology. The only thing that gets better is an attractive discount, and Microsoft Surface 2 Promo Code helps you get just that!

Ultra-thin and light, Surface 2 is nonetheless a sturdy machine. Even the upgraded keypad-covers, both Touch and Type have been made lighter and more rigid now, for a better experience and the kickstand features an alternate angle that makes it a more productive device. While the earlier version of Surface RT gave an inclination of 22.5 degrees, Surface 2 allows the kickstand an angle of 46 degrees as well. So whether youre working or playing, watching a movie or simply chatting away, you have just the right gradient to support. Bolder than ever before, the tablet can easily fit into your budget with Microsoft Surface 2 coupon code.

And like we said, the new Surface is a beast of a machine. To begin with, its got the power of Windows 8.1 RT that brings you guaranteed improvements in personalization, multi-tasking, app access and cloud connectivity. Plus, Microsoft Office pre-included apps now also feature Outlook for Surface 2. Surface 2 runs on a more powerful processor now, NVIDIA Tegra 4, which makes it lightning speed and also gives a battery life of 10 hours to last you an entire day on a single charge!

The front and rear facing cameras have been made more powerful too. Theres a 3.5mp front-facing camera and a 5mp rear-fitted camera. Both afford 1080p resolution display, so now chat and connect crystal clear. Experience the fun, cheap and smart, with promo code for Surface 2.

The tablet is available in 32 and 64GB configurations, and costs some $100 more than Surface RT. So shop smart with Surface 2 promo code and bring the future home, at a price that doesnt hurt!

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