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ray ban wayfarer ho were understandably 
By jobs on Jul 05, 2014 02:42 AM
Three dimensional films are motion pictures that utilize special technologies to enhance the viewer's illusion of depth perception. Special cameras and equipment are used to film the images and then stereoscopic hardware and eye wear are used to provide viewers with the feeling of depth. The most crucial part of the 3D movie viewing experience are the glasses that must be donned in order to do so.

The era of stereoscopic movies began in the 1890s. Around that time ray ban wayfarer , a man named William Friese-Greene developed a three dimensional movie making process and filed a patent for it. His technique consisted of playing two side by side on a screen and using a stereoscope to view the images as one. Though his work was groundbreaking, Friese-Greene's method was too unpractical for theatrical use.

The very first 3D film that was played to a paying audience was The Power Of Love. It premiered in 1922 to a packed Los Angeles Ambassador's Hotel. The movie consisted of dual red and green strips and, to view it, the audience members were given anaglyph glasses. Despite receiving rave reviews, the film was lost after a brief exhibition in New York.

Small jumps in three dimensional technology were accomplished slowly over the next few years but by the early 1930s, interest in the format had dipped. The Great Depression had swept through the country and left behind a nation filled with people who were understandably uninterested in the film industry in its wake.

It wasn't until 1936 that MGM commissioned and released a series of 3D movies called Audioscopiks. The movies were collectively considered a massive success and nominated for an Academy Award for the short subject novelty category.
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