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By lluggg585 on Jul 05, 2014 02:04 AM
double coverage

When I saw the headline that Donovan McNabb had been benched for Rex Grossman I figured it was either a misprint or Shanahan had lost his marbles. Turns out it was the latter. My boyfriend will vouch for me on the fact that I am not a huge fan of McNabb but I cannot even begin to understand this decision. Now it not like McNabb playing guaranteed a Redskin win, seeing as receivers in the nation capital have had a case of the drops as of late, but with Grossman starting you have pretty much decided to lose.

So it finally happened, Brett Favresat out in the Vikings game against the Lions for the first time in 297 starts. It was an unusual sight to see number 4 Authentic Deone Bucannon Jersey on the bench looking more than a little rusty. Odds are this will be Favre season. It is a season I am sure he would love to forget. While people will always cite his heroics last season leading the Vikings to the AFC championship, I will always believe that he should have retired a Packer. Favre will always be remembered most for what he did in Green Bay and its unfortunate Troy Niklas Authentic Jersey that he will not retire as a beloved Green Bay QB.

In more Vikings news, Minnesota was forced to move their game after the roof collapsed on Metrodome stadium, which has been the video seen around the world this past week. The Vikings thought the stadium would be ready for the Monday Nighterbut workers were unable to repair the roof in time so the game has been moved to TCFBank Stadium, despite concerns for player safety. The stadium is used by the University of Minnesota and is outdoor, therefore, workers and volunteers have been working to remove all of the snow that is covering the field. It will be interesting to see how the elements affect the two teams.

Minnesota continues to cross their fingers and wish on shooting stars that Brett Favrewill be able to start this weekend for the Vikings even though Favrestill as yet to throw a pass this week in preparation forMinnesota game against the (currently) soaring Giants. It a little tough for me to believe that this is in the best interestof the Vikings. If Favrestarts I will take it as a desperate means to continue his Ironman streak (which quite frankly should have ended last game afterFavrewas knocked out during his first passing play) providing Favrewith one bright spot in a dark and disappointing year. Personally, I would start Jackson (odds are after one hard hit Favrewill be out again) so that he goes into the game as the starter and with confidence rather than being thrown into the game as a back up. But as we all know, its Favre so if he decides he well enough to play, he will.

On a side note, Manning and the Colts made it through a game with no interceptions looks like the Titans were just the slumpbuster that Indy needed.

I nearly forgot! Have two quick shout outs Troy Niklas Cardinals Jersey to make:

1) Kudos to ESPN for introducing ESPNWfor women. Sounds like an exciting endeavourespecially because female athletes will be regular contributors. Looking forward to it, as long as they don go easy on the sports and hard on fashion pink coloured everything. Remember women can be real sports fans too so stick to sports coverage and info.

2) Hooray to NFL PR spokesperson Greg Aiello for being so accessible on Twitter. I have been following his tweets for a bit and upon encouragement from my social media prof I attempted to contact him via twitter and received an instant response awesome way to connect with fans! Now if he would only hire me to work in the NFL PR department kidding Mr. Aiello!

My boyfriend and many other diehard Peyton Manning (and Colts) fans continue to grapple with the current state of Indianapolis. I mean really who would have thought Peyton Manning, the king of consistency, the most reliable man on the field, the guy who can get you that winning touchdown in the dying minutes of a gamewouldbebitten by the interception bug in the second half of the season just as the Colts try to make a run for the play offs. In the last 3 games Manning has thrown 11 interceptions that unheard of in Peytonland. Now the Colts stand with a 6 6 record and a very real possibility of missing the play offs. So what could it be? Is Manning forcingpasses as suggested by former coach Tony Dungy? Or is Manning not the one man show that everyone thought he was? Whatever the reason, Manning needs to find a way to get out of this slump and fast as the Colts take on division rival TennesseeTitans on Thursday night. And with usual targets Clark and Collie still out with injuries, Manning is going to have to start spreading the ball around and becoming more comfortable with back ups such as tight end Jacob Tamme. While I still have a hard time believingIndy won make the play offs, the possibility of the powerhouse Colts notbeing in the postseasonhas added more drama to a season already packedwith intriguing sub plots around the league. So while my boyfriend and many others pray for a quick turnaround in Indy they can takesolace in the fact that it is Peyton Manning behind the helm and in my opinion he is still the best QB to have in your corner when your backis against the wall, even if he has struggled of late. I have to be honest, I did not believe you to be the real deal at the beginning of the season despite all your talk about how you were the best team in the NFL, how you were ready tobe a contenderand had your sights set on the Super Bowl. But then you slowly started to change my mind. After weeks of you costing me wins, I stopped betting against you on myPro Line tickets. You made clutch plays, came from behind, and made me believe all the hype. And a few weeks ago I found out Sanchez likes Broadway plays I was over the moon. You were a close second, right behind my Packers. Now my dear Jets, I don know what Cardinals Deone Bucannon Jersey to do. Some will say its just one loss, that everyone has a bad day but this was not just a bad day, it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You lost first place to my archenemy, the New England Patriots. Can we even really call it a loss? It was a shalacking. So my love, I have to ask, what happened? Your defense wouldn have held up against the offenses of some of the high school teams that played at Gillette Stadium this past weekend and if we honest, your offense would not have fared much better either. There is just no excuse, the Pats have one of the most inexperienced and statistically worst defenses in the league and you put up a measly 3 points? I amlooking for someone who can offer more security, you know, someone who I can trust to always be there and not cost me a props ticket.

So my Jets, I must call time on our relationship. I need to take a step back and reconsider our current situation. If it makes you feel any better I am seriously considering my admiration of the Colts as well.

In closing, I wish you the best and I very earnestly hope you go home, rebuild, and prove yourself worthy of the reputation you have created. But please, until then, don call me, I will call you.

Now while this is an NFL blog I still have to give a shout out to the Canadian Football League Grey Cup (like the Canadian equivalent to the Super Bowl for Americans) that took place this evening on thefrozen tundraof Edmonton, Alberta. The Montreal Alouettescame out on top of the Saskatchewan Roughridersfor the second year in a row by a score of 21 18. Hope to see the Riders back there next year(hopefully against my Hamilton Ticats) as I think they a great team. And finally, I do have to mention Darian Durant for almost coming away with one of the greatest game ending plays in CFL history. These two teams like to keep it close and for the second straight year it was exciting until the end. The only thing that could have made today better would have been a Lions win.

Today coverage had a very poignant moment with the story of NFL player Chris Henry killed last year in a car accident. The segment told of his mother brave decision to donate his organs and the livesthis gift changed. A truly touching and moving way to begin Thanksgiving. Thank you to Ms. Glaspyfor sharingher powerful story as I am sure it will inspire many people to become an organ donor.

I hope everyone enjoyed a great day of food, family, friends, and football! Looking forward to enjoying some great college games while I test out my next Christmas recipe Chocolate Chip Oreo cookie cheesecake hope my boyfriend (aka my taste tester) likes it!After what appeared like it was going to be Brett Favre game (complete with video montage), those unnamed sources from the Vikings locker roomgot what they wanted after Brad Childress was relieved of his coaching dutiesfollowing Minnesota loss to Green Bay on Sunday. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has been named interim coach. While not entirely unexpected it did come as a shock to many considering Childress led the Vikings to the NFC final last year. It will be interesting to see if this will turn the troubled Vikings around, it seemed to work wonders for the Cowboys. Kudos to Fisher for standing up to Young antics by stating in a press conference that even if Young wasn injured he still would have pulled him. At least someone is finally going to hold him accountable for his behaviour. It is time for Young to mature he has not played well or consistent enough to behave in such a self righteous manner. Hopefully team owner, Bud Adams,sends Young a message of his own its time Tennessee found a real quarterback. Adams may be forced to choose between his coachand troubled pivot next season but as far as most people are concerned it shouldn be too difficult of a decision. I mean really, what has Young done forAdams lately? He threw his uniform into the stands and walked out of a team meeting, it doesn get much more disrespectful to your coach or ownership than that.

Other highlights (and lowlights):

Seymour fined $25 000 for his open handed punch to the face of Ben Roethlisberger.

Tough week for the Mannings as the Patriots upset the Colts 31 28 following Peyton 3 interceptions while the Eagles handed the Giants their second straight loss with Eli not fairing much better. Looks as though the Giants may continue to struggle in the second half of the season.

Bills win game number 2 after scoring 35 unanswered points against Cincy whereare Batman and Robin when you need them?

Jason Garrett seems to be just what the Cowboys needed following their second straight win against the Detroit Lions.

Annnnnnnnnnnd Mark Sanchez is a big fan of broadway shows who knew?

This post has my boyfriend rolling his eyes not because he is okay with the maltreatment of women, animals, or people but simply because he feels as though off field conduct has nothing to do with football. I am sure this post will have a lot of males rolling their eyes so I am posting this simply for my own benefit. I need to vent because the off field conduct of players is important they represent the league, they are role models, and thus should represent themselves as such.

During last week Monday night game between the Bengals and Steelers I had to change the channel. While this does not sound like a groundbreaking statement, it was to me. I have not ever had to change the channel during a football game before not during a blowout, a rain delay (yes, I watch the analysts fumble for topics that weren in the pre game show forwhat feels like anungodly length of time) but last Monday, I did. Why you may (or may not) ask? Because I could no longer listen to John Gruden go on about Ben Roethlisberger. I will be honest Roethlisberger has never been my favourite guy. I never had a good feeling about him and then when those pictures of him pouring alcohol into girls open mouths the night before his first Super Bowl surfaced I felt as though my suspicions had been confirmed.

Grudenwent on at length about how Roethlisberger will be fine that he has faced and come out the other side, how he is now a good teammate and a good man I am sure this love fest continued but I had already changed the channel. While all of this really pissed me off it was the facing adversity comment that really got to me the most. Adversity is coming back from injury or illness, playing despite the death of a loved one. Committing a sexual assault and serving a league suspension (should have been jail time) isNOT adversity. The victim is overcoming adversity and I am sure hearing football analysts go on at length about what a trooper her attacker was for returning to a job that pays him millions of dollars is comforting.

So the title of this post is does the NFL really stand for? and sometimes I feel as though it could be called the National Felons League. Consider the conduct of Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, DonteStallworthor Jamal Lewis among many others. I cannot imagine this is what the NFL wants to be known for. Years ago when a rash of players were chargedwith (in comparison)minor infractionsthe NFL jumped on the defensive stating that out of the over 2,000 players that make up the league very few end up in trouble with the law. However, it is a different story when those that end up on the wrong side of the law are franchise quarterbacks or other star players. The NFL must impose stricter personal conduct regulations or harsher suspensions for those who violate the code of conduct. Super stars are rarely reprimanded for decisions made off the field of play, it is time for the NFL to step up and make players understand that this type of conduct is not acceptable under any circumstance.
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