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The Simpsons Game Lisa the Tree Hugger

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The Simpsons Game Lisa the Tree Hugger 
By pierreour on Jun 20, 2014 03:16 AM
Switch to Lisa after the Port A Potty is destroyed. Jump on the log with the shrine and invoke her meditation ability by standing in front of the idol and use the Hand of Buddha.

Pick up the logs with the Hand of Buddha on the corresponding tree trunks. This will make a platform to get over the next gate.

Climb the tree trunks and activate the switch at the top to open the gate.

Destroy the Port A Potties in the next area along with the loggers.

Have Lisa jump on the trunk with the idol and then pick up the cover on the exhaust pipe. Drop the exhaust pipe cover anywhere. This will stop the conveyor belt.

Use Bart to ride up the air stream. Ride it to the ledge, cross the conveyor and kick the bounce pad down for Lisa to jump on.

Go to the top of the conveyor and there will be two pressure pads for Lisa and Bart Justin Gilbert Jersey to step on. This will disable the grinders below.

Follow the conveyor to the saw blades. You will need to time this correctly to avoid being killed. Have Bart jump right after the first blade goes down and move to the ladder at the end. Climb up and shoot the nearby target to disable the saws.

Continue along the conveyor belt. There will be multiple saws running across the conveyor belt. This is fairly easy. Just time your jump well.

Continue to the switch to deactivate more saws.

You are presented with more saws that sweep and move up and down. This is easier than it looks. Simply jump when the sweeping saws swing away and run to the end. Deactivate them with the switch.

Climb down the ladder that appears and take out the two loggers.

Place Lisa on the meditation shrine. Have her grab the conveyor belt. Place it across the moat, using it as a bridge to cross.

Spoiler:: You will see Carl and Lenny in the tree, bird watching. They ultimately fall onto a conveyor that is on its way to a grinder.

Cross the bridge and have Bart pick up the RoboBot helmet. Take out the loggers and the two Port A Potties. Use the lasers to also destroy the exploding barrels.

Have Lisa use the shrine in the next area to pick up the giant toxic barrels and put them on the moving conveyor belt. This will disable the belt and move you to the next area.

Have Bart go into Bartman mode and climb the pole in the next area. Grab the wire and cross the river.

Kill the loggers and destroy the Port A Potty. Activate the switch that opens the dam.

Lisa must now cross the river playing Frogger by jumping on logs, alligators and turtles.

Go to the shrine on the ledge with Lisa. Take apart the pipes that will vent the air upwards for Bart to ride. He needs to get up on the middle platform and then a pipe to the right of the middle platform. The remaining pipes can go to the left of the middle platform.

Spoiler: After the pipes are in the correct place you will see Carl and Lenny on the conveyor belt. You have 60 seconds to save them.

Have Bart ride the middle air stream to get to the top platform, then jump to the next air stream and grab the ledge. Work your way around the ledge and activate the switch which will allow Lisa to access the other shrine.

Using the shrine, pick up Carl and Lenny.

Walk up to the platform and using the slingshot target the bullseye and shoot, which results in destroying all the lumber mills.
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