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Functioning and Maintenance of Vibrating

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Functioning and Maintenance of Vibrating 
By dongfang on Jun 10, 2014 11:28 AM
The vibrating feeder is simple in structure, convenient in operation, needless to lubricate, <a href="http://www.zenithgrinding.com/solution/steel-slag-crushing-plant.html">steel slag crushing plant</a> low in electricity consumption and even in feeding. So it is widely applied in many industries like mining, gravel field, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mineral processing and coal. The vibrating feeder can feed the lump and granular materials into storage bin evenly and continuously.
The Installation of Vibrating Feeder Can Be Divided into Three Situations:
1. Horizontal installation. <a href="http://www.zenithgrinding.com/solution/zenith-mining-and-construction.html">zenith mining and construction</a> It is suitable for the even and stable feeding and can prevent the materials' self-flowing.
2. Tilting down for 10o is suitable for the continuous feeding of common materials.
3. Tilting down for 15 o is suitable for the continuous feeding of wet materials.
The Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to During the Functioning of Vibrating Feeder:
All the fasteners should be fixed again before functioning; especially the anchor bolt of vibrating electric motor should be fastened again every 3-5 hours. The two vibrating motor should rotate toward opposite direction. If the electric current is not stable or noisy, we should stop the machine and find reasons.
The Maintenance of Vibrating Feeder:
We should examine the amplitude of vibration motor and stop the machine if there is something wrong. This is because the electricity current and temperature of motor surface requires even amplitude and no shaking to left or right.
The motor bearings are the most important equipment in the whole crushing production line, <a href="http://www.sbmmilling.com/project/cone-crusher-for-sale.html">cone crusher for sale</a> so it is very important to maintain them well. Generally we should add lubricating oil every 2 months, and add lubricating oil every month in hot season. In addition, the electric motor should be overhauled every half year, and its inner bearings should be changed.
The Classification of Feeding Equipment:
The feeding equipment can be divided into open type and closed type. We can produce electric magnetic vibrating feeder, feeding bin and conveyor.
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