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What is Hydraulic Crawler Type Drilling Rig

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What is Hydraulic Crawler Type Drilling Rig 
By heiha on Jun 10, 2014 08:02 AM
Compared with the traditional disc water well drill rig, our fully hydraulic power head crawler type water well drilling rig has incomparable advantages.

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The hydraulic power head can realize automatic speed adjustment, which can meet various drilling work requirements. And this type drilling rig does not need to use kelly bar, which means time saving for drill stem arise and down, so the drilling efficiency is highly improved and the construction period is shorter than before.

The hydraulic control system can realize hydraulic pressure and reduce pressure drilling methods. At the same time mobile rock crusher, it can realize rotation and lifting linkage. So it is more convenient to handle the hole wall collapse accident and reduce hole accident. The machine’s high mechanization degree can truly lower the labor intensity.

This type drilling rig is equipped with a complete set of DTH hammer drilling technology, which can realize high drilling efficiency. This machine is combined with a complete set of high pressure air compressor, which can realize drilling construction, wash well, pumping test, etc., then the whole process of construction will be finished completely.
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