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Unreal 2 mod(Need Skilled Modelers\Animators

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Unreal 2 mod(Need Skilled Modelers\Animators 
By Praxus on Nov 23, 2001 10:42 AM
Well I need animators and modelers for my U2 mod. Lemme know if you are interested...


City: New York, New York, Manhattan

(First Cut scene):Thomas Lare woke up and looked at his TV and saw picture of thousands of ships heading towards earth. He picked up his phone and called the command center. The Joint Chief of Staff’s picked up and said, “All hell is breaking lose out there”. I will be there in 20 minutes. He got up and got dressed in his Marine Uniform. He then runs out and gets in his car and floors it all the way to Central Command.

Objectives: Talk to the Commander of the Join Chiefs of Staff. Then find your way to the launch pad in Central Command and order them to launch it into space. Then order the other ships to launch around the world.

Where: Central Command

When: January 16, 2272

Why: To get your troops into space.

Type of Enemies: None

NPCL: Marines, Astro Army, and Army.

(Second Cut Scene) The meeting on the Military Space Station. They are deciding weather or not to strike back before they get here. Thomas Lare says, “We have to, we will have no chance if we don’t. Everyone else agrees. The Commander says… we launch on their home planet and 3 surrounding planets were they have their main Strongholds. We first attack the planet next to their home planet. Their home planet is the last one. Dismissed.

Objectives: Take over a base on the first planet. Beat off attackers after you take it over.
Where: First Planet
When: January 24, 2272
Why: To take out one of their major strongholds.
Type of Enemies: Heavy Assault Troops, Hover Troopers.
NPCL: Marines( Commander: Thomas Lare) Army (Commander: John F. Patton(Great Great Great Great  Grandson of George S. Patton)

(Third Cut Scene) Meeting. Thomas Lare says we should sneak in with covert ops with a 500 Kiloton Nuclear Weapons. Army General says, “No we should lase the target and drop napalm. Commander says I agree with the John, Napalm sounds a lot better. Thomas Lare agrees that it is a better idea.

Objective: Fight your way to the top of a mountain and lase the target and fight off any aggressors.
When: February 15, 2272
Why: To gain advantage on the planet.
Type of Enemies: Light Infantry, Mortar, and Plasma Machine Gunners.
NPCL: Marines and Airforce

(Fourth Cut Scene)Meeting. Thomas Lare says that the target was not totally destroyed. John says we should use nukes and says, “Thomas Lare go with your idea”, Ok lets get going.

Objective: Go into Compound and place Nuclear Weapon.
When: February 16, 2272
Why: To destroy the main forces on the planet.
Type of Enemies: Mortar, Artillery, Plasma Infantry, Jump Jet Infantry, and Heavy Assualt Infantry.
NPCL: Marines and Royal Marines.

(Fifth Cut Scene)Meeting: Thomas Lare says that they should build an underground bunker in the woods. There we can run our Operation from. John says I agree, but what about enemies in the woods? Thomas Lare says we will have to drop vortex Bombs first.

Objective: After the Vortex bombing sweep through the woods killing the enemeys.
When: February 21, 2272
Why: To Build underground bunker.
Type of Enemies: Vortex assualters.
NPCL: Marines and Airforce

I am still on the first five levels, but that is basicly what is going to be invovled.

Year 2272

Futureistic Weapons.

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