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Malcolm Smith Jersey Sale constantly 
By piaoxue on Jun 06, 2014 02:16 AM
We are still constantly researching about the improvement of cement ball mill control method Earl Thomas III Jersey , about the cement ball mill; we will do more research and apply the knowledge of different disciplines to the cement ball mill work. At the same time we will constantly use the tests and actual work experience to summarize the cement ball mill theory, and therefore the control method of it will be more and more advanced and state-of-the-art. The control of the cement ball mill is more complex, the requirement of control methods has three points: First, to ensure the internal retention quantity of the ball mill always keeps fluctuation within a small range; Second, to ensure the adequacy of ventilation; Third, to have proper production temperature. If we want to make these three aspects achieve the best, it is not easy to control. It has a lot of difficulty in the specific implementation process, such as about the control of constant feeding amount , it is not only necessary to prevent saturation mill, but also to prevent short position, while the requirements of the material in the wet milling process are higher.

Such as the nature of the materials Malcolm Smith Jersey Sale , grind-ability, particle size and its distribution is constantly changing, with the traditional single variable control is difficult for them to grasp. If we use the idea of coupling variables to explain, the three aspects of the control are as the three input variables, and their survey and measure must be carried out from the output variable end, at the output terminal respectively corresponding to the outlet temperature, ball mill pressure and a negative pressure, the first two of the three output variables are still relatively measured well, but the measurement of mill load of the cement ball mill is very difficult.

And also, variable parameters floating change of influencing cement ball mill is very large; the measurement of the data is lack of timeliness and accuracy, so the control is more difficult. For the control of the cement ball mill Malcolm Smith Seahawks Jersey , for their own difficulty is big, so everyone can understand the shortcomings of using some control method, but also understand our hardship in studying cement ball mill, we need a lot of efforts, but in addition to this, we can also understand the direction improvements by the details of cement ball mill. In production, we will be more focus on these issues, which is also a good indication of our production.

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