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Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters

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Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By 3dPrizm on May 23, 2001 06:30 PM
hello all. I'm pretty much a newbie in the world of 3d but I am a tradional artist.

I currently have 3DStudio Max 4 and my main goal is to learn Character modeling and eventually animating. I have a basic foundation of creating objects.

My question is can someone tell me the various techniques used to model characters with a basic description. I have read a bit about Nurbs, Nurms, SubD, Splines, Mesh and Spline modeling.

If someone could tell me what method you would reccomend for a beginner I would appreciate it. Also any tips you have on modeling characters would be much appreciated.

Eventually, I'd like to create realistic Females and Males, Mech robots and creatures.

If you know of any ood beginner tutorials I'd also appreciate that.

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of these forums.:)
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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By under_score on May 24, 2001 05:31 AM
A good method for beginners is box modelling.  I don't know a good tutorial on it, but I will tell you the basics.  You can find or draw and scan in a frontal picture of the body type or the character you want to model.  Then do the same for a side image.  Set them as backgrounds and start with a box that represesnts one part of the torso.  Then extrude the box to build your character resizing each new face to match the proportions of your character sketch. Model only half the body, then clone and mirror it and weld the vertices making it whole.  Model the hands and head seperately and attach by welding vertices.  Then meshsmooth and you are done.  You can't do very complex character models this way, but it is great for basic ones.  You can check out an example of the finished product (without a head) at


and an animated version at


Hope this helps


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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By gman on May 24, 2001 09:48 AM
I've just started learning to manage patches, these are great because you can alter the polycount at any stage.  there are a few tutorials on this over at http://www.3dcafe.com

and A guy called Heikki Antilla recently did an excellent model this way, check out:

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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By kcmchong on May 25, 2001 05:17 AM

tutorial of character modelling
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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By micromike777 on Jun 06, 2001 12:15 PM
Box modeling is the way to go for beginners.
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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
By Koztah3d on Jul 16, 2001 08:31 PM
Box modeling? PffFftttt...
I'm a traditional 2d artist as well as 3d artist, and I can tell you, for anyone who's going from graphite or ink to polygons will feel more comfortable using splines. For organic creatures anyway

Draw a straight ahead front view of your character, scan it, then do the same for a side view, and do a few studies from various angles, scan them all, and then map them onto flat planes, and use them as references to draw your splines. Then make a reference oyour spline object (at ANY stage), and apply the surface modifier to it. Then fiddle with your original spline object in edit spline and your referenced 3d object will be modified along with it. Use bezier corner on your spline vertices.
Oh, and read a few spline modeling tutorials.

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Re: Newbie - Various methods to Model Characters 
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