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how do you start wearing the Nike FREE

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how do you start wearing the Nike FREE 
By julie08 on Jun 04, 2014 08:38 AM
how do you start wearing the Nike FREE

So there are obviously some positives to wearing nike roshe run australia shoes. But only wearing supportive and highly cushioned shoes 100% of the time can actually serve to weaken the feet and lower legs. Why?

Nike shoes can restrict the range of motion that the foot would normally go through when barefoot. This serves to make the foot do less work as it adapts to the supportive environment.

nike air max thea black can also cause delays in proprioception. Proprioception is "the body’s natural ability to know where it is in space", and the bare foot is extremely sensitive to its environment and can adapt and adjust to different surfaces. If you cover the foot up (eg cushion and support it), you are masking this proprioception.

The foot doesn’t know what is happening underneath it and what surface is that its trying to adapt and adjust to. This delays signals from the foot to the brain as to what it needs to do to adapt and adjust on each step, almost making the foot and lower limbs "drunk" and slow to react.

nike air max 90 hyperfuse running shoe So how do you start wearing the Nike FREE's? The key thing with the human body is that it takes time to adapt to different environments and situations. Everyone’s adaptation time will be different so with Nike FREE they are designed to be half way between barefoot and halfway between a traditional running shoe.

This nike air max 90 womens can gradually adapt to reawakening your feet and lower legs and get some benefits of barefoot training such as increased proprioception and range of motion and some benefits of a running shoe like some cushioning, protection from sticks, stones and sharp objects and a little support.
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