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Ensure a Long Life of Vibrating Screen

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Ensure a Long Life of Vibrating Screen 
By heiha on Jun 04, 2014 03:29 AM
The net cost would be a considerable expense each year for the users and manufacturers of the vibrating screens. In order to prolong the life of the net, experts from our company will list the main factors that may cause the vibrating screenís net easy to be broken. Then they will offer you some useful measures to solve the problems.

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1. The first main reason that leads to the breakage of the vibrating screenís net is the net quality.

2. If the tensioning degree of the vibrating screenís net, it will result in the vibration problem of the net, thus causing the net edges broken or damaged.

3. If the net is tensioned to an inappropriate degree, the screen net will vibrate with large amplitude because the upper screening layer is loose while the lower bearing layer is too tight. In this case, itís also easy for the net to be broken.

4. The method of feeding materials is another reason that may cause damage to the vibrating screenís net. Too much materials fed at one time will prevent them from moving normally on the screen net micro powder grinder, which will make the net become loose and lose the initial handling capacity of the materials.


1. To select the high quality net. 2. Check the tensioning condition of the screen net. 3. When handling the liquid materials, add the material bucket or buffer to the screen. 4. If there are extra materials stocking on the vibrating screen, we should hurry to find the reason and solutions.
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