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You must post a clear and direct question 
By earjerseyqq165 on Jun 03, 2014 08:37 AM
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I was bullied a lot at school. My parents registered me into a "Self Defense" class. I never used the stuff, but was never bullied ever again. It taught me to not be so scared all of the time.

Perhaps because I knew that I could defend myself if the need arose, that warded bullies away from me. Probably because bullies go after the weak. Once you not so weak, there always someone weaker to go after.

I guess my point is, its not necessary to fight in order to prevent bullying. But if the kid training was self defensive in nature, then the training served its purpose and kept the child from harm.

But if the training made the child to go looking to pick a fight, then I would be disappointed. the child would have deserved the punishment given by the school.

Last point: you said "beats the holy hell". That suggests the fight went too far. Proper self defense training instructs one to do only what is necessary to stop the attacker and leave the area without persuit.

Martial arts isn a license beat someone into a pulp. Once the person is down on the ground and isn fighting anymore, then just walk away. If you continue to kick and punch a now helpless person, then you just being a bully.

Martial arts is self discipline. "Holy hell" carries opposite connotations.

oh. my. god. I have been meaning to post the Michael Sam XL Jersey same sort of things for the past 2 days!

I have a 10 year old cousin (I am 24) and recently one of the kids in his class has started bullying him around. I taken karate and bjj on and off throughout my life and have been a few of the moves on my cousin when we have around over the past few years (well play fight i suppose. Teddy Bridgewater XXXXL Jersey but i still do try and teach him how to technically execute the moves). turns out the bully went to hit my cousin and my cousin sprang into spar mode; long story short an adult had to break the two of them up because the bully was crying/screaming bloody murder while my cousin got away with nothing more than a pretty good scare.

When I first heard about the I hadn yet gotten all the details and ended up having a pretty serious talk about how I ever show you is to be used for self defense ONLY! When I came to learn not only were the moves done flawlessly (according to one of the bystanders there) they were all done completely in self defense I was filled with an immense amount of pride.

edit: I have take martial arts thoughout my life. after adding the years up it was just shy of majority of my life so i changed it.
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