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The double tight wishbone's main concept

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The double tight wishbone's main concept  
By yadiers on May 24, 2014 05:59 AM
Wishbone Cody Latimer XXL Jersey Offense

The Philosophy:The double tight wishbone's main concept is running the football everydown to punish the defenders. With adjustments in blocking and running wecan create situations that are unfavorable to the defense at all times. Byhaving the mass of runners in the center it creates an unbalanced field of 8verses 7 throughout Michael Schofield L Jersey the entire game. Each player must havethe ability to run hard and block. The fullback needs to be the toughest ofthe three but not necessarily the biggest.

The Linemen need to have 2 things: Heart and Speed. This offense is veryfriendly to the linemen in the fact that it is easy to remember and there arenot very many plays. Theevens are to the right and the odds are to the left. The 0 and 1 holes arebasically the center's body; the holes 2 and 3 make up the guards' body andso on. The quarterback is 1, the fullback is 4, the Michael Schofield 2XL Jersey tight ends are 7 and 6, andthe running backs are 3 and 2.

On a play such as '34 Outside' the offensive lineman will yell 'OUT' if theend is in the C gap. He will yell 'IN' if the tackle is in the B gap. Thebackside linemen will do the same thing (in a different order of course) tothrow off Cody Latimer 4XL Jersey the defense so they don't know which side the play is on. Thebackside will be lying to the defense obviously and they will scoop. The only exceptions tothis system are the plays 44(45) and 56(57). Who carries the ball is verysubject to change though. The way a play called is very simple and efficientwhen the players have the offense down. Two examples would be:44 Outside Dive Slant (below)
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