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Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate?

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Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
By tripletap on Jan 24, 2001 09:51 AM
I sometimes am bit by a problem-solving bug
just before I fall asleep, an will go mad thinking about it, until I finally get-up, go back to work, and try my theories.

I have thought long and hard about a problem, and have come up with a few theories, but I wanted to know if anyone has tried this:

You have a high-poly character. The character is fully realized, i.e.. seamless mesh, morph targets, full skeletal structure, fully textured. He is designed for a cinematic. Let's say an opening scene for a video game. At some point in this animation, this character get's into some sort of trouble, and a sword fight breaks out(naturally).

Let's say he get's a limb cut off, say, an arm. Remember, he has an IK system(bones), and a seamless mesh. Let's say the shot is one camera cut...just to make things interesting. How would you go about slicing off the arm?

Is it even possible with Max?

Should we use the "smoke and mirrors" approach?

Maybe a new amazing plug-in?

Or possibly a simple technique that has passed unnoticed for a thousand years? Well, maybe not.

I'm sorry if this thread is in any way an annoyance, but I feel the need to step out of "the box", and open my mind to new avenues of thinking.

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Re: Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
By ZombieCzar on Jan 24, 2001 03:52 PM
this has been done alot.
special ops, die by the sword....
You will not be succsefull with standard tools in max however you can preecut the mesh were the cutting takes place, then use standin until the cut happens, then replace with two meshes one for the biped and the other that is severed.
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Re: Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
By Moriarty on May 02, 2001 07:10 PM
You want to kill a character kewl.  do a shot from a gunbarrel.  the projectile ejects from the chamber and the camera follows the bullet to the target.  Piercing the flesh, rotate the camera around the victims body just in time to see the exit wound explode in a gory bloddy mess.

all this talk about killing got me thinking.
ignore my usless banter.

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Re: Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
By under_score on May 02, 2001 07:53 PM
I saw this post a while ago and never responded, but the tools you use could probably use to do this would be a combination animated boolean objects, snapshot meshes, and the visibility track.
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Re: Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
By kcmchong on May 12, 2001 11:43 AM
I would like to use two .max files to do this.
The first one applied IK. When the character die, replace another file without IK.:o:o
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Re: Killing Your Characters...Fun Debate? 
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