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Hamilton Ticats beat Alouettes

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Hamilton Ticats beat Alouettes 
By bucksoj on May 19, 2014 12:54 AM
Hamilton Ticats beat Alouettes

GUELPH, Ont. Rookie Dan Lefevour's two yard TD earned the Hamilton Tiger Cats a thrilling 19 16 overtime win over the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday in the CFL East Division semifinal.

LeFevour bulled into the end zone a play after running 11 yards. Twice Lefevour successfully converted third and inches gambles to keep the drive alive.

Montreal forced overtime with Whyte's 32 yard field goal with five seconds remaining in regulation, capping a six play, 43 yard drive Zach Randolph kids Jersey with his first successful boot after five straight misses. Gable with 1:04 remaining in regulation time. That ended a smart 97 yard, 12 play drive against a cold, brisk wind.

The weather was the big story of the game. An Alumni Stadium gathering of 13,320 endured intermittent rain and a biting 45 kilometre an hour wind that gusted up to 66 kilometres throughout, making it feel like 1 C with the windchill.

Predictably, both teams struggled with the conditions, committing four turnovers apiece.

At least Hamilton won't have to worry about weather in the East Division final. The Ticats will face the defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts next weekend at Rogers Centre, which is a domed facility. The conference champion will advance to the Grey Cup on Nov. 24 in Regina.

Hamilton was hosting its first home playoff game since 2010 after taking the season series with the Alouettes 2 1.

But Montreal won the opening coin toss and elected to defer, giving it the wind for the fourth quarter. And when play began, the Alouettes had both the wind and a 9 6 advantage.

Troy Smith's 29 yard TD strike to Duron Carter against the wind at 10:27 of the third put Montreal ahead 9 6. Carter's grab capped a four play, 75 yard drive.

Hamilton then drove to the Als' 34 yard line and used Marc Gasol kids Jersey some imagination with receiver Dave Stala throwing to the end zone incomplete for Andy Fantuz. But on the next play, Burris was intercepted by Winston Venable at the Als' 13 yard line.

Luca Congi put Hamilton on the board with a 29 yard field goal at 3:15 of the third, set up by Rico Murray's recovery of Arland Bruce III's fumble at the Montreal 21. Congi connected after missing earlier in the third from 48 yards out.

Hamilton took over at its 51 after Evan McCullough recovered Bo Bowling's fumble but the Ticats went two and out. Congi connected from 35 yards out at 8:03 to put the home team ahead 6 2.

Whyte had a convert and a single for Montreal while Zach Randolph Pink Jersey Burke Dales booted two singles.

Congi finished with two field goals for Hamilton.

Montreal led 2 0 at halftime as both teams struggled with the weather. Hamilton made it interesting as Neil King blocked Dales' punt on the final play of the half however the Ticats couldn't return it for the go ahead TD as time expired.

Hamilton could've taken the lead late in the second with a chip shot field goal try from the Montreal two yard line. Gable for a four yard loss. The Als then marched to centre field before Dales' punt into the wind put the home side at its own 21 yard line.

Whyte seemed to put Montreal ahead 5 0 early in the second but his 22 yard field goal was nullified by Shea Emry's procedure penalty. White then missed from 27 www.officialbasketballstore.com/marc-gasol-jersey yards out, his fifth straight failed attempt.

Montreal opened with the wind, but could only muster singles off Whyte's missed 40 yard field goal at 6:62 and Dales' 63 yard punt at 9:42.

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