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Traditional ovens have an electrical or gas

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Traditional ovens have an electrical or gas 
By earjerseyqq158 on May 16, 2014 05:37 AM
Traditional ovens have an electrical or gas element that radiates heat into the oven, raising the temperature of the food. Convection ovens have the same type of heat source, but the addition of a fan forces the air within the oven to circulate. This air circulation promotes even, efficient heat transfer between the oven and the food. Traditional ovens tend to heat unevenly. This is why many recipes instruct you to turn the food halfway through cooking. Convection ovens avoid this problem by using air currents to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the officialbroncosonlineproshop.com/78_ryan_clady_jersey_cheap oven.

Moving air transfers heat Peyton Manning Womens Jersey more efficiently than still air. This causes poultry to cook faster than it would in a traditional oven, or in an oven set to traditional cook mode. Lower the cooking temperature of a standard Ryan Clady man Jersey poultry recipe by 25 degrees Fahrenheit to compensate for the increased efficiency of the convection method. Otherwise, you may find that the skin browns before the www.nflbroncosofficialstore.com/18_peyton_manning_jersey_cheap internal meat is fully cooked. This method will promote evenly cooked, moist meat, but you may find that the skin does not get as crispy as it would in a non convection oven.

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Know Your Knives: Josh Ozersky Comprehensive Guide

by Josh Ozersky

03/19/2012 1:34:40 PM

I have a lot of knives. You probably do too. I really don know what to do with them all. There a Chinese cleaver, a gigantic multipurpose tool I bought for ten dollars a decade ago and which has never
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