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3D Studio Max 4?

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3D Studio Max 4? 
By Alom on Jan 10, 2001 02:46 AM
Hi every one!

Have any one try 3DS Max 4? If you had then what do you think of it? what is the most feature you like it?

* I read the following Info:
 - Character Animation
  1- Advance Flex modifier (Dynamic Soft Body).
  2- Manipulators (Like the ones found in Power Animator (SGI))
  3- New IK System (fast open architecture and  weighted constraint system.)
  4- Shaded Bones (An Independent Bones System provides character animators with efficient character armatures.)
  5- Angle Deformers (is an advanced skinning system, allowing animators to set accurate deformations using three different types of deformers)
  6- Joint Deformer (allow animators to set accurate deformations using three different types of deformers)
 - Game side:
  1- Direct 3D support (WYSIWYG in realtime)
  2- Custom Attributes (Wiring Feature)
  3- PolyObject Modeling System.
 - Effects Production:
  1- Render Elements (Render Elements allows artists to generate multiple rendered passes of diffuse color, reflection, refraction, shadows, alpha, z-depth, illumination, effects, and many others)
  2- ActiveShade (Nice Feature: ActiveShade is an interactive photorealistc renderer that allows artists to quickly make creative adjustments to lighting, materials and textures, allowing for dramatic increases in productivity.)
  3- Motion Blur (New "Multipass Camera Effects" allow artists to use multiple camera passes to create realistic effects such as motion blur and depth of field)
and much more... te see more information see Discreet Site @ http://www2.discreet.com/animation/features.html

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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By ZombieCzar on Jan 10, 2001 09:29 PM
The right click menu is a big time saver.
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By ..ARTist.. on Mar 02, 2001 02:10 PM
Yep. The package does carry all that you have listed.  I know the parameter wiring works ok.  The Hierarchy Independent IK works also.  The bones do actually come out shaded instead of being wire frames.  You can resize the bones to a certain extent to get a decent approximation of your character's volume and previsualized movement.  My favorite tool is the new Edit Poly which allows you to model with true quad polys.  My favorite tools under within Edit Poly are extrude polygon and I believe the other tool is called "Cut Polygon".  The cut polygon option truly reminds me of a similar tool you have in Maya and Nendo/Mirai that allows you to basically chop a polygon into smaller pieces to add more detail to your model.  I think we should see some more decent poly models coming out soon now that Max4 has a more well rounded poly modeler.
Hope this helps.
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By ZombieCzar on Mar 02, 2001 03:25 PM
it's almost the exact same poly modeller as before, they just renamed it and changed a little.
as for what I like best, good question. I'll get back to you on that.
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By Oscar_Contreras on Apr 18, 2001 08:51 AM
Well, the WYSIWYG of 3D Max 4 is a little dissapointing.

Not to say that the support for Direct 3D fails with most of the Video Cards, with the exception of the tested cards. I wonder which ones until today....
So you can expect slow choppy conditions for animating when you pass over 20000 polygons.
The layout changed a little bit.

The improvement is on Character Studio. Now it has an option to control lots of biped characters, synchronizing movements, and making each character different i behavior.

Ex: Bug's Life Movie. When you see lots of bugs doing different things.

Active Shade is Ok. But I still don't find it that useful. It's good to watch changes in lights for your scene, but you can forget about enviromen an effects.

Video Post, the same stuff.
The logo is better.
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By Activemind2000 on Apr 18, 2001 09:23 PM
The right-click menu is gorgeous.
I also like the Meshtools script, for poly modelling.
if you guys don't have it, well... go get it!
it's worth it!
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By Mike_Bendele on Apr 22, 2001 07:47 PM
The Maxscript in Max 4 has been extended to support ActiveX. Expect to see scripts in the future that include html browsers, spreadsheets, imbedded Pulse3D or Cult3D type objects, etc.

The patch to spline feature is nice too.
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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
By Moriarty on May 02, 2001 06:43 PM
I kinda like the "on" button.

Sorry guys couldn't resist.

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Re: 3D Studio Max 4? 
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