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Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering

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Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By MXN on Nov 29, 2000 11:39 AM
I made a simplish scene in which the camera tracks a bullet from a gun, semi matrix-style. However, at the end of the animation I want the camera to change to another one I made. I discovered in the video post prod. bit about doing scene stuff and changing cameras for sections of frames. I got that working, and rendered that with the vpost, but it could only seem to render each single frame. How can i get like an AVI output on the vpost, or get the vpost thingy to be active in the normal renderer?? Please help! Thanks
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By Wiro on Dec 02, 2000 03:16 PM
This isn't usually done straight out of Max (or any 3D package).
Normally you'd render each shot (camera) as seperate sequences, then put them together in a postproduction package like Premiere, Digital Fusion, etc.
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By MXN on Dec 16, 2000 06:48 AM
Interesting - I do actually have a copy of premiere lying about ;), but I did work out how to do this in max. It was the simple question of adding an image output event.
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By Salvo on Dec 16, 2000 10:19 AM
Set in VP the range of frames for each camera and then render all.
I'm not sure if I known what you have to do but I hope this advice could help you.
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By Martin on Feb 16, 2001 12:45 AM
Forgive me if I misunderstand you, but you just want to change cameras, correct?

Open the video post, add the two camera events. The blue bars should now be altered so that they only render the specified frames (otherwise the second camera rendering just overwrites the first).

To switch back to the first camera, you will need to add a second instance of it. Just select  'camera' from the video post and add the same camera to the track view.

First time poster. Please let me know if that was a bad description and I'll try again.
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
By meanadam on Feb 22, 2001 08:15 AM
Pretty good description...

I would add this pointer:
If you frame ranges overlap you need independent save events or Max will render both cameras and only save the 2nd.

Check out the filters - you can do some cross fades and other transitions in the video post box as well.

Also remember you can use your still images or avi's instead of camera views.  So if you wanted you could render the cameras seperately then go into video post with the sequences, and add filters and effects.

Good luck!
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
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Re: Video Post, Changing Cameras and Rendering 
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