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before you install the circle vibrating screen

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before you install the circle vibrating screen 
By dongfang on Apr 18, 2014 08:24 AM
Screening equipment is the most common process equipment, mining, hydropower, road construction, mainly used for crushing rocks,<h2>hammer crusher in india </h2> ores or gravel grading to obtain different size fractions of the product. Sieve is an important part of vibrating screen existence as a problem during the installation process.
The problems in vibrating screen installation:
1) Most of the screening equipment manufacturer in the manufacture of screens, in order to increase the effective screening area, regarded design sieve into a support beam on its side of the plate, then pressed on a piece of steel or lined with a rubber protective strip, <h2>Coal processing plants machines</a></h2>so above can not be installed together with the platen.
2) The pressed circular vibrating screen made of T-head bolts bolt to prevent the bolt to spin when the fastening bolts;
3) Choose a reasonable amount of pallet-position welding needed on round vibrating screen angle. In YAH-2460 single screen, for example, generally, the angle may be designed to support 3, the pressure on each screen, the two positions, the pressure of each screen plate 6.<h2>jigger separator for barite</h2> Before installing the screen on the first T-bolt pallet, top revealing angle.
4) paved the screen, pre-tensioners, and then install the plate; plate and then pressed the screen tension to the design requirements.
Improved methods to solve the above screen prolonged friction and other issues, the whole plate is installed in the above conduct, and not subject to the impact of external conditions, does not need any treatment when replacing the screen, very convenient and feasible. Furthermore, the installation can be improved greatly extend the life of the screen, while reducing maintenance time and greatly reduce production costs.
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