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Breakthrough Solar Technology

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Breakthrough Solar Technology  
By vickyqin on Apr 17, 2014 08:37 AM
Renesola solar module

Breakthrough Solar Technology uses sun to create Solar Energy Materials
A recent breakthrough solar researchers have discovered a way to tap the sun not only as a source of power, but also do directly produce the solar energy materials that make this possible. Researchers from Oregon State University, discovered that sun may directly produce the solar energy materials which make it a “one-stop shop”.
The research was started with simulated sunlight focus on the solar micro reactor to rapidly heat it, while allowing precise control the temperature to aid the quality of the finished product. The light was produced artificially, but the process could be done with direct sunlight. The purpose of the research is to find an alternative way to lower material costs. Also to make the process something that could work 24 hours a day. Once the technology is approved which may provide more precise control of the processing temperature needed to create the solar energy materials. Isn’t this exciting news? Although it may be a threat for many PV manufacturers who mainly relying on producing solar materials.
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