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an aging future hall of fame quarterback

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an aging future hall of fame quarterback  
By earjerseyqq147 on Apr 10, 2014 05:06 AM
Patience With Peyton

On November 9, 1997, the Denver Broncos scored 34 points and beat the Carolina Panthers. Nearly 15 years to the day, the Broncos scored 36 points and beat the Carolina Panthers.

In each game, an aging future hall of fame quarterback engineered a Denver victory. Furthermore, in each game, Denver's aging future hall of fame quarterback won by only throwing for one touchdown.

Though 15 years, two days, and two points separate these dominant Denver victories over Carolina, many facets of these victories are identical. Each victory was a team win, in which Denver passed for one touchdown, its defense scored off an interception, and the Broncos special teams kicked two field goals and returned at least one punt for a touchdown.

These victories are not just remarkably similar. They are eerily similar. This eeriness percolates when it comes to comparing the 1997 and 2012 Broncos rosters.

Matt Prater is a version of Jason Elam that could definitely beat up Jason Elam and probably kick a 73yard field goal. Trindon Holliday is Darien Gordon. with Cheap NFL Jerseys a rocket up his ass. The triumvirate of Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, and (shocker) Kevin Vickerson creates an insideout pass rush that the team has not consistently enjoyed since Alfred Williams, Neil Smith, and (shocker) Ma'a Tanuvasa each recorded 8.5 sacks in 1997. Derek Wolfe is exactly what Trevor Pryce was in 1997: a 6'5", 295pound versatile rookie defensive lineman.

And Peyton Manning is John Elway, but Manning is 2 inches taller. and he is a better quarterback.

I already had goosebumps from examining the creepy parallels that show up when examining the 1997 Wholesale NFL Jerseys and 2012 seasons the stats, the victories, and even the common opponents. My goose Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys bumps hardened and I admit I choked when I typed that Manning is currently playing better than Elway did during those fateful and beautiful final seasons.

Until now, it would have been difficult to torture such a confession from me. It is simple. No human entity has ever captured my heart like 7 did.

Few tougher men have ever stridden the land. A quarterback never owned the fourth quarter until 7 claimed it in Cleveland in 1987 and never, ever gave it back. No one ever flipped failure the bird, embraced adversity, and then went out like 7 did. Nobody.

Well, 18 is working his way through 7's resume right now, and he has captured Denver's heart while playing the position of quarterback better than 7 ever did during a regular season.

Manning deserves patience and respect bordering on sheer awe, not doubts and criticism bordering on baseless nitpicking. Of course, no athlete or public figure ever fully escapes criticism , but it is difficult to criticize an iconic quarterback who at 36 still plays his position better than anyone else in franchise history.

We hold Elway so high in our hearts and minds, and rightfully so. This is not to say that Manning's Denver legacy is currently approaching Elway's. or that it ever will. Rather, this is a call for "fans" to cease with the insane, inane, and even stupid criticism of the 2012 Broncos offense, especially when it comes to anything Manning does.

This is the best passing attack and most efficient offense we have ever witnessed in Denver.

When Broncos fans envision football bliss, we snap back to the 1997 and 1998 Super Bowl campaigns. So, let's hearken back to those years of offensive grandeur in hopes of acquiring some muchneeded perspective on the 2012 offense.

Manning's supremacy becomes evident at first glance. His '12 numbers and pace only grow more impressive with deeper analysis. Elway's '97 and '98 regular season statistics pale in comparison to the numbers that Manning presently produces each week.

In order to understand just how good Manning is every time he drops back to pass this season, let's first compare '12 Manning to '97 and '98 Elway on a pass playbypass play basis. Even so, Elway only bests Manning by 1.2 yards per completion in 1997 and 1.6 yards in cheap nfl jerseys 1998. However, yards per completion ultimately becomes somewhat moot when you consider Manning will attempt almost 100 more passes this season than Elway did in 1997. Through 9 games, Manning has thrown 330 passes, putting him on pace to toss 587 on the year. Elway threw 502 passes in 16 games in 1997 and 356 in 13 games in 1998.

So, Manning throws for about 1 yard less per completion while throwing the ball roughly 6 more times per game than '97 Elway and about 9 more times per game than '98 Elway. Manning throws the ball more often while sacrificing marginal yards per attempt.

One of the problems with relying on yards per completion as a telling metric is cheapnfljerseyssc.com that it does not account for sacks. Net yards per attempt fills this void and better gauges exactly how many yards on average a quarterback gains each time he attempts a pass play.

Elway's ability to extend plays made him a very special quarterback. Mile High Magic was a combination of some crowd noise and a man wearing a barrel, but its existence was predicated on John Elway's right arm and his wily legs. Yet, Elway's propensity to scramble caused him to take some bad sacks. Manning ability to avoid sacks is special, to say the least.

Comparing net yards per attempt shows that '12 Manning actually moves the chains 7.73 yards every time he drops back to pass. Elway gained 6.4 net yards per attempt in 1997, and he managed 7.1 yards in 1998, tying the careerhigh he set in 1987.

Manning is a more efficient passer than '97 and '98 Elway because he accumulates more "true" yardage every time he attempts a pass. Furthermore, Manning's 7.73 net yards per attempt is all the more impressive since he throws the ball markedly more times per game than Elway did during the '97 and '98 super bowl campaigns. A mortal quarterback's net yards per attempt figure typically dips as he throw more passes; this is not the case with modern legends like Manning, Brees, and Brady.

Today's Broncos throw more often than the Mike Shanahan offenses of the late1990s. However, this does not diminish Manning's present brilliance mainly because he still averages more net yards per attempt despite throwing at a higher clip than Elway ever did.

Manning is playing remarkably efficient football, so naturally the 2012 Broncos offense leans heavily on his ability to throw. It is safe to say that the present Broncos offense depends more on Manning's arm than the '97 and '98 offenses ever depended on Elway ability to pass.

This not surprising considering Elway had Terrell Davis to ease the load.

Through 9 games, the 2012 Broncos have run the ball 244 times, meaning they will attempt about wholesale jerseys 430 rushes this season; they average a standard to underwhelming 3.8 yards per carry. With Elway at the helm, Mike Shanahan called 520 run plays in 1997 and 525 in 1998, respectively averaging 4.7 yards and 4.6 yards per carry.

To put the greatness of the '12 passing offense in new light, metrics indicate that the '97 and '98 Broncos historic rushing attack is as superior to the '12 banal running game as Manning's current passing attack is to the '97 and '98 Broncos passing offenses.

Furthermore, the '12 Denver offense is on pace to surpass the '97 and '98 Broncos offense in several meaningful totals.

Manning's offense should accrue just over 6,300 yards and score around 480 points. Elway's '97 offense totaled 472 points and 5,872 yards. A year later, the Broncos amassed 501 points on 6,092 yards; it is worth remembering that Elway only played 13 games during the 1998 season. So, Manning's '12 offense will likely produce more yards than the '97 and '98 offenses. With potential blowouts looming against remaining lackluster opponents, it is also completely possible Manning's offense outscores Elway's '97 and '98 units.
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Re: an aging future hall of fame quarterback 
By SheerArt on Apr 14, 2014 08:38 AM
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