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persons in good physical 
By lluggg509 on Apr 03, 2014 01:16 AM
There are so many waterfalls on the Eastern edge of Pennsylvania that I had to make one more stop before heading home. I had to check out the highest waterfall in Pennsylvania: Raymondskill Falls.

There's 3 sections to the falls with a total height of 180 feet! It's the tallest waterfall in PA and, in my mind, should get the label of "Niagara of Pennsylvania", not Bushkill Falls. Especially since this waterfall is supposed to be only a few feet shorter than the actual Niagara Falls.

Now things start to get a little tricky. I had read old directions off the internet about getting to the base of the lower section and ended up walking down a trail I didn't want to be on.

I guess, up until 2003, there was a fenced in trail to the base of the lower section but it has since been closed because of soil erosion.

So don't take the trail down to Raymondskill Creek and expect to see the base of the falls! I did and was disappointed. You'll only see two dinky waterfalls on the way down and it's a pain to hike back up.

To get to the very base of the falls you'd have to hop the fence above the middle viewing area and slowly creep down a narrow, slippery path. But you'd have to be some kind of rebel to do that!

I have no idea how the picture to the right was taken; I'd Andrei Markov XL Jersey never hop a fence.

To the left of the lower section of the falls is a Women's Patrick Roy Jersey thin, horsetail cascade pouring out of the woods.

I really think this seals the deal on this being quite the breathtaking, secluded spot. The plant life clinging to the rocks makes it even better.

You'd need a wide angle lens to get both falls in the same picture.

So if you're in the area, love waterfalls and the wonders of nature then I really think you should head to Raymondskill Falls.

It's free, no crowds and it truly should be the Niagara of Pennsylvania.

Been here before?What's your favorite part of the waterfalls? Above Raymondskill Falls The top and middle section of Raymondskill Falls The bottom section of Raymondskill FallsSee results without voting

What else is there to do at Raymondskill Falls?There's not really much else you can do here other than check out the waterfall.

If you'd like, you can hike down the trail to RaymondskillCreek below the waterfall. It's pretty peaceful and, as I said above, you'll see a couple smaller waterfalls on the way down.

Just be aware that you'll have a http://www.officialpatriotsauthenticprostore.com/patriots-rob-gronkowski-jersey-c-5_11.html steep climb back up the trail. It's not too bad if you take it slow.

So go on, go back up to the top and click the link for directions. Start planning a trip to Raymondskill Falls today!

Karl 3 years ago

The hike to the middle viewing is only for ambulatory persons in good physical condition. The horsetail falls is named Bridal Veil Falls, similar to a number of falls with the same name. Do not hike from the falls downstream. There is a narrow shale cliff section which is dangerous. Better to drive to bottom and hike up. It is also a great fly fishing area for native brook trout but is controlled by special regulation. Which is why I believe they closed off that section.
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